Behemoth is failing me

For the past few rounds, behemoth has just acted slow, his attacks are slow. Movement is slowish but when I play wraith or hunter, everything is normal movement. I’ve lost countless rounds an wish for him to be worked on. He’s not OP but he’s just acting sluggish. :frowning:

Behemoth has always been UP and like this so I don’t know the point of this thread.

He’s not under powered or over powered. He’s probably under powered for you cause you devote everything to suit your bad skills. An if you saw no point to my thread. Why’d you take your time to open this, read it an reply to it?

Calm down guys, keep it friendly and civil :sweat_smile:


Are you talking about the glitch that causes abilities to move slower than usual?

If so, I can agree that it’s extremely annoying and I would love for it to be fixed.
It’s not impossible to win with him though, it’s just much more difficult.

Wow that got real, real quick. :worried:

Behemoth is just tough to deal with right now. His movements are a bit on the sluggish side. He needs a little re-working. It’ll be a great day when he finally gets picked in a tournament. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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He isnt op or up hes great the way he is (this is a discussion for another thread).

Anyways ive been playing him this morning and he hasnt felt sluggish to me

Behemoth’s movement is the slowest of all the Monsters. This is intended. He’s about 1m/second slower than the others or so.

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If anyone puts me on their team if pick him :neutral_face: and no one will stop me from picking him not even the rules

And if they get mad at you they should just


This is amazing
~saves image~

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Behemoth’s movements are slow, yes. 99% of them. Furthermore thabks to the fuxes for the roll exploit his traversal is cumbersome to use in combat and it just makes playing him like trudging through molasses chasing four tiny jetskis. :stuck_out_tongue:

@NoMoHatinPS4 There’s a glitch that causes monsters to move slow and attack slow, might be ping, I dunno but it’s something I’ve seen playing as him and Goliath.

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I think the guy means he’s slower than usual XD

Yep, now that I think about it, it happened to me with Behemoth when I joined an arena match, he was very slow and it took like 10 seconds to throw a lava bomb

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He is UP. He has been for a while man. He’s far from being OP lemme tell ya that haha

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