Behemoth is butter monster


Why is this you ask? Cause he melts! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had an entire Armor bar disappear in 3 seconds before. Surprised the shit out of me.


Killed my first one in 35 seconds.


Maybe have a 1.5x damage multiplier instead of 2x? I know people keep saying that it’s a monster that has it so that you need skill. But people aren’t going to want to play Behemoth enough to take up tactics due to the poor quality butter he’s made of.


Skill unfortunately doesn’t change the fact that you are a large slow target with a huge weakspot. Its impossible not to hit him and really hard to not hit the weakspot unless you are behind him and even then I still get some


i was in a game agaist the tier 4 hunteers stage3 behemoth full healt and armor and died in 1 min


Man, you seriously do not want to screw with a skilled Behemoth…

I saw two. One of them wrecked us at Stage Two, half armor. His battlefield control was insane.


I’ve had 5 games with him and all 5 I won against tier 4 hunters. You just have to target the medic as soon as you can. I put 2 in wall and 1 in fissure for farming. A suggestion is doing combos such as hit with a roll then heavy melee, or tongue grab, rock wall and fissure. I’ve won at stage 1 with him because I focused the medic, it really helps. (Not trying to come off as full of myself.)


Yeah I have played a few really good ones, and I got my ass destroyed.


saw a good one once but simply jumping up and down make it almost impossible for him to do anything


Doesn’t help that there’s a glitch where Behemoth will take x2 Damage during his roll. Confirmed by Maniac Squirell during his live stream.