Behemoth is amazing


Anyone else gotten really really good with him, cause I sure have


yea bro I roll-x all day long. 10/10 would roll again.


Hell yeah, just keep those roll combos going . Also, I love his battlefield control moves


I either do great with him, or horrible. Teams that split I destroy. When I see torvald and sunny, I fold like a cheap suit… and they always seem hand&hand… are they a couple?


Eh you say that now but when you go against a player that knows how to use the stasis gun and worse if they’re paired up with a Val with her tranqs and an assault that know how to bring the pain and a support that knows how to keep the team alive, it’s a whole different story. I’ve won my fair share of pub matches but when you go against premade team that coordinate and know what they’re doing you won’t stand a chance man. No offence intended :confused:


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