Behemoth is absolutely wonderful


Nah. He’s absolutely wonderful though. Haven’t lost with him other than once. Keep up the good work TRS. Another monster like this and I’ll be broke


Nice that you enjoy him then.


i think he is much harder ti kill than any of the other monsters


Please refrain from using click bait titles on threads please.


Got it! sorry about that Maddcow. Won’t happen again


its all about where you fight which determines whether behemoth will be op or not, But thats the case with all the monsters haha. #behemoth is fine


No worries. We’ve just seen a bunch of them lately :slight_smile: Trying to get it back under control :smiley:


Found that he’s best on aviary. Just set up a bunker in those tunnels and the hunters can do nothing


Just out of curiosity, what was the title before?


BEHEMOTH IS WAY TOO OP or something of that nature


I really suck with him although I admit I haven’t really played him since the patch. As of right now he’s my worst monster.

Any build tips or anything? What’s his best and most reliable damage dealer Fissure? The lava bombs just seem so easy to avoid.


Fissure definitely. I usually go 3 into Fissure, 2 into everything else.


You can smell his anxiety. :joy: