Behemoth is a boss!


First match against all tier 4, just went rock wall at 3 and destroyed on the mine map. Those guys didn’t know what happened, and honestly I didn’t either. Just domination!


Most of my games as Behemoth are really close, but I generally end up winning. Hopefully I can get him to my skill with Goliath in a week or two.


Mind sharing your builds and strats? I find he goes down like a sack of butter on a hot summer day in the Sahara desert being blasted with nuclear fire from Godzilla. And that’s WITH the DR perk.


Today I had a game as a hunter against a Behemoth and it was GLORIOUS, it took 30 minutes and we lost, but it was damn close. The player was solid and countered all of us, but we did get him down to 1/3 health. Behemoth is a blast, guys, totally worth the money if you have to pay to play him :smile:


Played two Behemoth games against all bots.

I lost. Twice.

I suck at this. ;-;


Depending on personal preference I would recommend Speed Boost or Damage Reduction perks.

Stage 1 - One point in Lava, Wall and Tounge.

Stage 2 - One point in Fissure and Max Rock Wall.

Stage 3 - Evenly spread out the points.

Granted this is flexible but a Max Rock wall is a great big “F**K YOU! YOU’RE MINE!” due to its massive size. Don’t underestimate it.

Tounge grab, Wall, Lava/Fissure and pummel til dead. Wall should last long enough for the down if you’re quick.

I’ve won 2 AI games and 7 Pub games as Behemoth. At first the pubs were really close but thankfully I’m a fast learner and I’d like to say I’m comfortable with him now.

My only grife with Behemoth is that he is glitchy as fuck. Many times I’ll be rolling and hovering in the air or scaling a wall horizontally.

Behemoth is good but it really depends on the player.


So jealous that you guys get broken hill mine first :cry:


fissure and rock wall. 2 f 1 wall minimum exposure time @ stage one.

I dont take lava bombs til stage 3 or 2 if ive done significant dmg because its too exposing for early game.


to be honest the map is confusing as fuck LOL. although playing behemoth is fucking amazing its totally some indiana jones shit which is like 40% of the fun on that map.


Behemoth was designed for that map and that map only.


Wish I can do that good, I did three matches and only down a hunter once in all of those matches and by the time that hunter was downed I pretty much died. I’ll stick with the Kraken, heck I’ll take the nerfed Wraith over this thing.


Just curious, what platform are you guys winning as the behemoth on? and what level?


PC. Level 40.

…Got smashed by the Hunters. ;-; I chalk it up to not knowing any of the new guys well at all.


hes not tankty enough. Makes you wonder, did they actually TEST this.


I’ve killed 16 Behemoths today, lost once due to some bad wildlife plays from my team. ^.-


PC lvl 38.


Bad Garrus… You should be level 40. :wink:

PC level 40 for me.


I’m so tempted to tell you something I found out about that but I think one of my students has his technique wrong. Be right back.


PC lvl 40 and behemoth is hard to learn, i always forget to roll, i just walk to the hunters, then facepalm HARD, then roll.


I like 3 in fissure and balanced all around, because needs to be more versatile than other Monsters. Tongue Grab feels like the only ability he can do without, you can divide & mercilessly slaughter bots with the other 3 maxed. CDR is always helpful.

Yeah, pretty extensively and hands-on. It seems after Wraith they smartly decided to err on the side of Monsters being slightly UP rather than being OP, since a Monster being too powerful is far more consequential than a Hunter being too powerful - which is why you’ll see they decided to go more in the OP range for T4 Hunters, like Torvald’s Mortars & Sunny’s Mininukes. Behemoth is far closer to balanced right out of the gate than Kraken or Wraith were when they first appeared, and they can decide based on telemetry more than just first impressions if he needs to be changed. They’ve acknowledged that there’s some issues pertaining to Behemoth soaking up so much damage, so perhaps he’ll get a little bit of damage reduction, a smaller critical hitbox, or some of the T4 weapons will go down in damage output a little bit.