Behemoth in game cost


So if you have behemoth you get 20% of his cost back and you get 950keys if you have him already then if 950 was 20% so to get full price you have to multiply 20%(950keys) by 5 so
20%(950keys) * 5 = 4750keys(100%) here we have full behemoth prize if i’m right


Pretty sure it will be 8000 and that 20% value is not standard


I predict It will be free log-in reward this year.


don’t you say REALLY i’m suprised


Yeah and maybe if we get lucky It will be this month along with glacial skin.

btw behemoth was about 4500keys before they pullet him out of market.

Considering all monsters are more expensive and there went quite a bit of work in to him lately.
I say It will be about 8500


yes it is when i saw that ppl was angry that they don’t get full prize for renegabe and then one of the devs say that was supposed to be 20% and it wasn’t cus a mistake on their side


I really would like TRS to let us know how much he will cost. I’m trying to save silver keys for him and I’d like to know how much I can spend and still have enough to purchase him


I would just save 9500 and be safe since that’s the most expensive monsters price tag


I don’t know if his price has been updated for the store.

Back in development we went through a bunch of key rates and prices and if I do recall that is an old price for Monsters.

If it updates the 20% key value will as well.