Behemoth in Defend mode


I’ve only played a single game of defend as Behemoth, but his whole “siege” idea works kinda well. Against a Val, Torvald, Hank and Griffin, I made to the final generator with less then a 10th of its health left, I had a 2 day balance though and I was fooling around to test out the abilities quirks more then anything. I’de probably say he has less chance to win then Kraken, but much more then Goliath.


I tested him a little in Defend and his armour melted within seconds in front of two turrets and all hunters. He is glass cannon not a tanky charger I thought he might be. Later when I will have time I will try to play more sneaky but it looks that he will be easy kill for well organized groups…for now.


I just siege and launch lava bomb at the turrets and a couple fissure at the generator


One lava bomb per turret, hide for a minute or two and you are free to kill everything in sight.


I don’t see him being that good because it’s so easy to trap him in an arena when his health gets low. Goliath, kraken and wraith can all traverse quickly enough to escape a dome, but Behemoth really struggles with it.


Got into a Defend match, lets just say it didn’t end well for Behemoth. The turrets just shred through him, even wraith has a better chance. XD


This is exactly what I conceived the second I heard about behemoths abilities, but unfortunately haven’t been able to try it out yet. How did it work out?


Pretty good, even if the Lavabomb by itself doesn’t kill a turret, the aoe from the shards certainly will or you can use fissure to finish it up faster. Lavabmob does pretty good damage to generators and there is little that the hunters can do about it


It has been confirmed that Behemoth is taking too much damage. I believe they are going to fix it.


Yeah behemoth gets critical damage from all his weak spots way too much.


Thank God. I thought the new hunters were op but I guess thats not the case.


But we all figured this out 1 minute into the live stream match… Why was this not addressed before release?


Do you have a source?


I would think you’d be able to use your lava bomb like a mortar, chipping away at the generator from a distance. you’d have to watch where you put your rock walls, since they might block your minions. tongue grab would be great for harassing a hunter that’s being particularly annoying. and fissure is good for a similar purpose. but lava bomb is going to be the singular best move for this mode, if used properly.


Yes, I believe he takes 2x damage when Rolling. (Transversal)


Not too sure… AND they released it a day earlier?


Yeah,they keep shooting at your belly. Better get some great distace