Behemoth impressions (Drop like a behemoth)


So I played a few rounds with the Behemoth and got a pretty good idea what the monster can do. However there are some issues.

First, what I like:
The abilities are pretty neat, lava bomb does considerable damage at range, tongue grab is great for isolating targets, fissure does a lot of damage in a line and sends hunters in the air, and rock wall is great for making an escape or separating a hunter from their team. The traversal ability, though is the only one that doesn’t send a monster airborne, can be interesting and fun. Smashing into enemies while building up speed and momentum can be cool.

The design of the monster is pretty cool, its a very menacing and imposing monster and it has a weak spot in its torso, not its head, which makes for the approach to taking down one of these things a little different in that of itself.

HOWEVER, here comes the problems.
The monster is NOT a tank. Sure its health and armor bars LOOK bigger then the Goliath, but its damage resistance (or lack there of) makes it feel like its somewhere between the krakan and wraith in durability, but its lack of speed results in giving the behemoth no apparent strengths over the other monsters in any area. Want a tank? go Goliath. Want a caster or effect based monster? Krakan, want an assassin? go wraith. The Behemoth presently doesn’t specialize in any one thing in its current state to be more useful (ESPECIALLY against players) than any of the other monsters currently available. All primarily because this thing has little to no damage resistance, making each shot seem to deal more damage to the behemoth than it does to the Goliath or even krakan.

In a livestream by turtle rock they said “killing the hunters at stage one is difficult with any monster but with the goliath it feels far more viable” or something along those lines. but they did say that it could be easier to win at stage one. Not with this damage resistance its not!

I think the monster is cool in both design and abilities, however it does not feel like a tank. even though I won an evacuation campaign vs ai. with it (4/5 days.) it felt like it was just by the skin of my teeth and even maggie’s machine pistol felt like Markov’s assault rifle! When I see videos of the behemoth’s health dropping like a rock (key the phrase, drop like a behemoth) WITHOUT weak points, head shots or damage boosts there is something wrong.

All this needs is a boost to the behemoths damage resistance stat. He has a ton of armor and health, true, but it feels like the armor is just paper and the health is cream cheese for Hank’s sandwich. Once he digs it out of his beard.

Oh, and one more request: could new endings including the new hunters and monster be added to the game in a patch? Makes your DLC feel less “relevant” if the characters you see in the dlc never show up. Maybe a new intro (in addition to the old one) where the new hunters join the team.


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