Behemoth high skilled gameplay


Hi guys i just created an account after just reading… but what really irks me is all these people who dont see the potential in Behemoth… like almost everyone around here are whining that he is underpowered and just plain sucks…offcourse he takes getting used too but in like 2 days i can absolutely wreck with him just like with any monster… its the player not the monster…I have a gameplay stream with proof that he is a great monster just so people can see his potential with theyre own eyes… i recommend starting to look from the 50 minute mark!! may you watch and learn!!

seems like i cant link the video from here… Watch it on twitch channel is ChickenFocker… recent upload is called Evolve Monster Madnesss… Tips are always welcome

<3 from Behemoth


For the people that are to lazy to search it :wink:

Edit : ok nvm doesn’t work


No offense but I haven’t seen any combo or high skilled game play just bad hunters :wink:
Check Twitch from DTR guys than make your opinion if Behemoth is really god.


Behemoth sure is fun to fight, so is the Goliath though.


Really? I would rather fight pre patch wraith over behemoth. Pretty much instant leave every time I see a behemoth.


How come?

The abilities always makes for an interesting fight for hunters, whether it be a win, or a loss.


Behemoth is suffering from numerous problems right now.

MacMan has already said they’re shrinking his ridiculously huge weak point, making his abilities “more responsive” (Not sure if that means they’re quicker, work more reliably, or both), giving him more health and armor, fixing his roll/heavy/roll/heavy bug, and the bug where he can take weak spot damage as a ball.

Also, the 10% slow when he’s rolling isn’t working right for a few different reasons, so the effective slow is 30-50%, which is why Behemoth can never actually get to a good hunter. Once that’s fixed, he can burn traversal to actually move in combat like the other monsters. That alone is a big change. Right now it feels like you’re barely moving at all if slowed in combat.

So yeah, he’s a little busted right now, not unplayable, but nowhere near the fearsome beast he’ll be once fixed.


Those are the changes intended.


And this!


lol i did some combos… i just attack them at stage 1 who else does that? so what is high skilled then?well as you could tell i was clearly messing around alot…i would win every game hiding and avoiding till stage 2 with full armor baiting them but the last few games were really good imo. did not make 1 mistake


Yay? I really don’t like the long animations.


I guess abilities more responsive may have to do with the aiming and animation process.

Lava bomb is a huge pain for instance, as it only starts the casting animation after you finish aiming and release the button, making aiming difficult and making you vulnerable.

Compared to Goliath’s rock throw (closest skill), where he picks the rock and holds it while you aim, it is a massive difference. Not sure they will make it as responsive as Rock throw, as lava bomb offers more opportunities than rock throw (area denial is powerful), but a little improvement would not hurt!


Most competent monsters.

There’s nothing inherently wrong in what you did, and you won after all, but don’t pat yourself on the back or expect high praise here, hunters WERE bad.


Yeh i agree the lava bomb is kinda hard to aim…you have to predict where they will go if you plan on using it attacking wise…its great for aviary tunnels though or even any tunnel…you can troll the other team nonstop combining that with rolling in them is instant death…but i agree that move has to be like rockthrow mechanics


I’ve played against some really good behemoths.

What seems to hold true about them is that their roll+power attack combo is very powerful.
People chain abilities together for an amazing “alpha strike” to down a single character. It may take all the abilities.
Don’t stick it. Down a few dudes and roll away. Keep calm and roll on.

None of these are massively skill required suggestions. But those that can take a look at it and realize it’s a different beast that has different priorities than the other ones do better at it. You can’t really treat them like any other monster. They’re their own unique monster.

I’ve seen it win against tier4 hunters in stage 1… It was painful to watch and I don’t know where it went wrong, but those that get it… get it. It does massive damage without even needing abilities.


the point of my post was not to expect praise…just don;t get why people whine so much about behemoth that he is not match for tier 4 hunters he is perfectly capable of winning if you play him smart and always are on the move so yeah i just provided proof… i even made the hunters run away from me while i was stage 1 at the last game.


The only thing Behemoth has going for him is Roll -> Hit -> Roll -> Hit spamming for massive DPS output. The only skills you need are Tongue Grab and Rock Wall.

I’m glad they are fixing that along with buffing Behemoth so he plays more interestingly.

Still more on topic Behemoth will only win if the Hunters make severe mistakes with positioning.


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Right now I’m sitting on WLR around 12 with Behemoth (top10 in region), 50% of all games I win in stage1. But that’s only because I had also PUB hunters which cannot be compared to premade teams.
But I don’t think about myself that I’m high skilled player, just bad hunters + little map knowledge = win :wink:


ok well i challenge every pre made team then to play me on the ps4…Behemoth will show theml…and yes i am high skilled i know and can say that myself as a hunter and a monster… but i dont play it that safe because i like the action and taking risks …creating challenges for myself and overcoming them


i’ll start using tounge and rock wall more though at stage 3 relay fights… thanks for the tip