Behemoth help


Now, i’m not calling the new hunters OP, i’m a firm believer it will take time to learn best loadouts and perks for behemoth. Right now I do a pretty good job at avoiding hunters for while, if i get domed at stage I, I do a decent job of staying away, the problem I have is getting away after a dome.

Crows stasis gun doesnt let me get away and I lose most of my health just trying to run and feel like I can never totally get away.

So I ask? what loadouts / perks are you guys running with behemoth? And what are some tactics to get away after a dome?

Also, what is the best perk as far as damage? time to recharge? etc


go to a corner of the dome thats relatively blocked in and tongue grab a hunter and hit rock wall, preferrably crow. pounce him or use lava blast so he cant immediately follow you when the wall goes down, then fissure in front of you to knock hunters aside then roll over the remaining hunters in front of you to a new section.
Note: this worked for me on broken mines

oh and i use speed perk on the behemoth, otherwise running away proves to be really challenging


So far, for me, (and with decent success) I start by running a loadout that has two in fissure/one in tongue grab. Game start, roll away to one of the “big boy buffs,” I recommend the Sloth’s damage output or the Armadon’s damage resistance. You’ll make super quick work of any wildlife with a solid fissure hit, follow up with tongue grab from a distance. Tongue grab obviously won’t pull big wildlife towards you, but it still damages them. Eat up, get the buff, and keep rolling. Stage two, I put another into tongue grab and two into lava bombs. Crowd control, damage dealer, and isolator at decent levels. You’ll be well equipped for domes and such here. Stage three, (if you don’t end the fight before that) throw two into rock wall, then the last one into fissure. Feeding speed is my default perk of choice.

I haven’t had a loss yet using this tactic, try it out!

Stage 1: 1 TG//2 FS
Stage 2: 2 TG// 2 FS// 2 LB
Stage 3: 2 TG// 3 FS// 2 LB// 2 RW


i just roll tothe back of the dome


Someone just told me there is a bug that the behemoth takes 2x damage!?!?

Is this true???’


It’s not a bug, it’s how he was designed. Pretty much his entire front side is a weak point that takes x2 damage.


But yeah I haven’t really found my preferred stage 1 abilities, but what I can say is tongue grab needs to be in your arsenal and only having 1 point in rock wall is kind of pointless considering how buggy that ability is; at stage 2 and 3 the size of the ability makes up for most of its bugs.

And I’ve messed around with these perks: speed increase, damage reduction and damage increase. Out of those 3 I would say speed increase is the best because it helps you stay in melee range while focusing damage on 1 hunter. Damage reduction is useless though.


It doesn’t make sense though as he seems to take huge damage even from non-direct attacks that don’t utilise the weak spot. Not to mention that the weakspot was supposed to only open up when he attacks


I have heard a couple places that there is a bug about damage. Not the 2x on his guts but overall he takes slightly more damage than the other monsters. Idk.


As for behemoth, I seem to be doing good with 2 Fissure and 1 Rock wall. Rock wall works if you don’t hit non-destructible to isolate a hunter or slow them down. Use fissure to hit over the wall or if they are on pillars and such. Fissure will go right up and knock them off, even if they were to jetpack off you can roll toward where they will land and SMASH! I usually go with cool down reduction to allow that fissure to really keep them moving and wasting jetpack.

At stage two lava bomb is a must not just for damage but for area denial. Rock wall and then lava bomb any cracks in the walls or pillars that the hunters may jump to.

Roll often in battle.

On a side note, I have not had a problem filling up that armor. Roll towards a couple of mammoth birds or a few spotters and much them all up without moving because behemoth covers the entire area. Even a pack of reavers, roll into all 4/5 whatever it is and gobble them up quickly. Keep rolling. I’m usually able to get to stage two within a minute or two. Make sure to hit with the roll before you initiate the melee to maximize damage. :wink:

Other than, good luck, mix it up and have fun! :smiley:


I use 2 rock wall 1 in whatever other skill i feel like. I prepare for a s1 fight every map. I take cooldown and use rock wall while running to slow down hunters.

All of your skills can stop high ground camping because you are the king of area denial. The hunters wont camp on a lava bombed high ground. Fissure can climb walls. Tongue grab is obvious. Rock wall prevents damage and separates hunters. Dont forget that your roll+melee does a ton of damage.


There is a bug in which he takes 2X damage all the time when not hit in the gut.

Also,here’s my build

Stage 1= Rock Wall: 2 Fissure: 1
Stage 2= Rock Wall: 2 Fissure: 3
Tongue Grab: 1
Stage 3= Rock Wall: 2 Fissure: 3
Tongue Grab: 2 Lava Bombs: 2


I agree with bobby, I go with lvl 2 rock wall to start off with and one of something else.

His roll is amazing; along with his wake up rolling melee attack.


Haven’t tried that, how is it working for you?


I’ve only played bots so far,but it’s working pretty good. I got domed stage 1,put up a Rock Wall,and murdered the trapper. Another time I launched Rock Wall and Fissure,rolled away,and pulled of the greatest dome escape of all time.


It’s not buggy. The centre of the wall comes up at your reticle. People are casting it too close and splitting the wall with Behemoths body.


Nice, will have to try the rock wall and fissure escape combo.


Yes it’s still buggy because at level 1 the wall still yields serious holes and gaps for no apparent reason. At level 2 and 3 these gaps are less common.


I haven’t seen any so long as I don’t cast it too close, but I’ve been wrong before.


Appearantly there is another glitch in which if a hunter is standing over a Rock Wall segment they will get damaged,but that segment won’t come up.