Behemoth Head Tracking


I’ve noticed that, unlike Wraith and Goliath, Behemoth and Kraken do not have camera tracking animations for their head portions. Now for Kraken, I’d understand that, since when you stop moving, he just stands up and quietly looks around, but for Behemoth, …

He just awkwardly stands there and his head seems to be looking at an awkward angle to its left. Is there any way to integrate head tracking on this character, or is that a Goliath/Wraith-only thing?

I have a very bad OCD for these things. Sorrih.


Oh…I thought it was just me. I want to see his pretty face!


Time to add something else about Behemoth.

The tongue grab delay when you actually hit something feels almost, … cartoonish. Why can’t it simply pull back instantly instead of staying in place for a second?


Not played him, so I wouldn’t know. ^.^


Because Looney Tunes gravity is fun!

In all seriousness, yes, it’s weird.