Behemoth Has a fever


The only treatment is more cowbell.

No in all seriousness I wanted to take a moment and say that I really love the dlc monster behemoth. He’s very fun to play as and it’s obvious the developers were creating something that they thought was fun and not just going through the motions.

I love the unique flavor he brings to Evolve and rolling around or trapping players with his wall is always a blast. He’s a bit weak in the open but in tight corridors or at fully shielded stage 2 and beyond hes a absolute wrecking ball. 2nd only to Goliath in my opinion. Not a big fan of tongue grab but that’s ok. Instead I take 2 points in fissure and 1 point in wall to start the match. It’s worth mentioning that my first win with behemoth was at stage 1 and I’ve had more stages 1 wins with him than all other monsters combined. Probably due to his fight or die nature.

My only complaint is the bug where he crashes the game for all players. I am not sure what triggers this. The match doesn’t end but all actions seem to hang forever and all players have to leave the game. Seems to happen in combat after leaving a roll to punch a hunter. I even had players harassing me after a match ended this way. Bug is on xbox one, not sure about other platforms.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I am looking forward to the next monster. Giant cow please :smile:


@MidnightRoses perhaps this one also


I wonder if our favorite local Mooderator has anything to say about this… @MaddCow?


Nah…I like this one. It’s unique…


I agree. Behemoth is awesome… and everything needs more cowbell :slight_smile:


You only say that because you’re a cow. I think everything needs more…planty…stuff.




…Absolutely not.


Ent confirmed 5th tier monster.



And the bug where he almost always takes x2 damage


I like that. ^.^


Ohemgee me too!


Fixed that for ya.


Its a bug with fissure… When I use it the game 50% of the time will freeze. Everyone who uses him says fissure is essentual and im avoiding cos I dont want it to freeze hence why ive only won 1 game with him out of many…



Rolling giant cow! :cow:


similar bug on ps4




Everything needs claws.