Behemoth Guts


So Behemoth is super cool and all and I have been enjoying him a ton even if I keep dying by the hands of the hunters, but something really has been bugging me about him.

His guts. The game is called Evolve and well evolving is done to survive as we all know. So why did he evolve to have exposed heart and intestines? How do they even stay in his abdomen without trailing across the ground? What keeps them wet so they don’t dry out and make him die? Wouldn’t he get some gnarly infections thanks to bacteria and viruses just freely entering his body through the gaping whole he has?

I could see making him have a softer belly as he doesn’t have any armor there but exposed is just really strange and he doesn’t seem to fit as well with the other monsters because of it.


It does seem a little weird, but just accept it as one of Behemoth’s little quirks. ^.^


I also never couldn’t befriend the whole concept, slap some armor plates on it.


Don’t get why they did it like this either - I mean his arms have skin on em, the parts you can see that is not yet covered in rock.

He could kill himself just by walking around and his intestines simply getting stuck in whatever rocks and branches he’s passing over :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think he evolved that way.
However my personal theory of why they are exposed is unconfirmed
Theory: The behemoth evolved to have tusks.
probably for fighting other monsters for dominance.
one of Its fights was lost big time, and the other monster ripped the behemoths stomach armor off.
@Matthew Am I right? wrong? or just completely off base?


I assume that each new game is a new Behemoth since the last levels (I am assuming Evacuation) Either died or staged up and I doubt they just become stage one again for no reason. So it would mean that all Behemoths got into a fight and got skinned? Unlikely.


Plus, wounds like that heal. Even in humans, you will regenerate skin like that. In a Monster that has perfected evolving to counter its weaknesses…Yeah. He would have healed if it were a wound. No, it would have to be by design.


Pfft, you could say all this about human testicles! Just hangin’ out there in perfect kickin’ range! Nothing would evolve so cruelly!


…That’s wonderful. Hey, not like I just ate or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:


My first thought shifts to a being that is rather… “Unstable” in the rapid evolutionary track, so to speak. If this species truly does adapt and evolve different “Breeds” as fast as we may be led to believe, it is quite believable that somehwere along the line, whatever is creating these strains and mutations got something that turned out a little… Gnarly, but was still effective nonetheless.

Just my thoughts. It makes sense in my head, at 4am. We’ll see if it still does in the morning hehe.


Maybe behemoth doesn’t have a way to cool his body temperature due to his thick rock all over him, and natural selection has chosen behemoths that have their guts hanging out rather than behemoths that heat themselves to death. Doesn’t fit the lore of being a biological weapon though…


You are trying to find logic in a game where four people with guns hunt a freaking giant MONSTER. If this game was realistic, and if it would be possible in real life, people wouldn’t engage the monster on the ground in squads of four. They would just shoot it with a tranquilizer from the sky and eliminate it. So yeah, don’t try to find logic in Evolve :slight_smile:


Basically, when Behemoth evolves, he gets bigger, but his rock skin doesn’t. Therefore, more organic Behemoth in less rock encasing- some stuff hangs out. Heard this from a dev a while back.


That could be true assuming that there is only 1 Behemoth. However, we already know that there are loads of Goliaths, Krakens and Wraiths. Why would there only be 1 Behemoth? Or why would other Behemoths all have this exact same wound?


Hole. ^.^ <Had to do it Rose. O.o


The answer: Video game logic.


Remind me to commit friendly fire when I play with you again.


I only do it to help them! :wink:



I like to think that behemoth is just a begining of a new monster breed and the current one being flawed slighty… then theres the 5th monster :o…