Behemoth gold skin


If there ever or is going to be a behemoth gold skin and the event for ends before I get evolve. PLEASE PUT IT IN THE XBOX STORE.I HAVE $8 LEFTOVER FROM XBOX LIVE REWARDS


that d be pushing it if they make us pay for it though


This doesn’t belong in the feedback section.


I thought it did.sorry my bad.


No problem. :+1:


no I mean after the events over it can be available in the xbox store.


im a sloppy typer xD


No word on that yet.


If there’s ever…?


Yes, please.


it would be a event we got the 3 monsters gold skins free aand you want us to pay gold for behemoth


Those skins are a reward, not for sale.


no I mean once the event expires it can be become available at the xbox live store. Basicaly you can earn it for free through the event or miss out on the event and still beableto get it but with money.


That devalues the event


I’m okay with them selling all of the event skins later except for the gold ones, those feel like an actual reward from the developers.


We’ve now identified the person and banned them for using pirated copy of the game. :wink:


I know but it sucks cause I might not get evolve on time for the event.


Yeah gold is the reward for the early adopters of the game.
To make people who play a year from now jealous.


atleast I purchased behemoth that way im prepared when I get evolve soon.


That’s cool. But I still want the skin!