Behemoth: Getting to stage 2?


So, I’m trying to figure out Behemoth well these days. I’ve come to a few conclusions:

  1. Power slam is awesome.
  2. I’m terrible at Behemoth.

Now it might just be that I get L40 trackers in the matches I play as a monster (I’m 28) and they’re just that much better than me. But it seems that the more I eat, eventually calls a bird, and from there I’m just too slow to escape/feed/evolve.

I’m constantly in a state of Stage1 ready to evolve… I can’t get enough time/space to advance. With all the extra speed that’s going on out there, I just can’t get a snack… Even with the feeding perk!

The most successful Behemoths I see must use the stamina perk as I feel like they roll forever… Anyone have thoughts/tip/suggestions?

Is this a problem with all monsters at the moment, and it’s a balance issue with the new hunters?


I usually grab movement speed. You haul ass in ball and your movement is more comparable to Kraken on the ground. Stamina isn’t bad either. I feel like he’s strong enough that theres no need for the damage/resistance perks so making sure you can stay mobile is the way to go

Also try finding closed in areas like caves to eat and use tongue grab to pull food in so you won’t get birds. Use rockwall to give yourself some space since they either need to go around or wait for the wall to come down. Especially useful if you lead them into a cave.


I use stamina perk, let’s you roll for days, also useful for rolling between hunters in combat.

Stage 1 I put 2 points in rockwall and 1 point in whatever I feel like (usually whatever has least mastery progress)

Don’t bother sneaking, just roll smash eat roll smash eat. Go for small eats and keep moving, only stop for big eats if there’s a perk (crowbill sloth, tyrant etc).
Keep smelling for hunters, if you detect them send a rockwall as close as you can to them and roll a fair distance before starting to eat again.
If you’re ready to evolve and they’re on you, rockwall then roll away once your traversal meter is gone start evolving, but keep sniffing while doing so and if you detect the hunters cancel the evolve and roll away, before trying again.

That’s a very basic run through of my stage 1 strategy, hope it helps.


Struggled with Behemoth too, but when I watched one of the Twitch streamers and stole his build, his playstyle became more appealing:

S1: 3 LB. Perk: Traversal stamina. Farm with LB large AoE and keep on rolling. Get to stage 2 in about 3-4 minutes.

S2: 2 TG, 1 F. Gain full armor. Engage if domed, try to force a dome in an advantageous area (cave or tunnel is ideal, just roll over people, lots of ledges and vertical terrain changes is bad). Control Hunters’ movement with LB, MOVE AROUND (can’t miss a standing Behemoth), get some strikes in. Trade health efficiently. Roll away after you have full stamina and finished downing hunters with low health. Avoid being domed twice, unless someone’s dead (I would not recommend engagement even in this case).

S3: 3 TG, 3 F. Pick your fight. Relay fight depends on the map, but in general closed relays are more advantageous. Find the best buff there is on the map at this point. Apply the same tactics as you did at stage 2, now having even more control over hunters’ movement and a harder punch with fissure and melee.

Good luck


Nice. Yeah, I’m thinking stamina is the way to go. Tried runspeed at someones suggestion and it didn’t work for me either.


I take damage increase personally. At stage 1, I always have 1 tongue and 2 wall. If you can’t get room to evolve, here’s my suggestion: don’t. The Behemoth is the only monster that can reliably down someone at stage 1. Use your giant armour bar - let them chase you somewhere narrow for some alone time with whoever is stupid enough to go first. If you can down the medic or kill the trapper, you can just win or scare them away and evolve.


Always sneak at the beginning but if maggie is there just fast food everything (run and eating). But never go into straight lines. Also sneak juke around something and just bolt it as far as you can to get distance for the evolve. And if you’re getting slowed down by stasis or tranqs just rock wall and breaking line of sight to get distance.

I haven’t used stamina perk at all and damage reduction perk actually seems like you’re taking less than normal damage and not just being melted.

Lastly, all t4 characters are just messed up and need to be changed so we just have to voice our opinion and say what needs to be changed and dont throw numbers out, leave thr numbers to the devs.


I find sneaking at the very start superior to simply rolling out, unless Maggie, and finding a nice cave to eat in at the very beginning gives you some room to feed safely.

If you manage no birds, and no hunters evolve in a secluded spot, and continue to feed up,

once you have been found out (birds, or they have seen you), pull them to a narrow area and lure them to their demise. For example the large outside area in aviary has a nice cave in the one end, with narrow entry ways and a sloth guarding one entrance. If they try to follow they are given no room to dodge attacks, and your abilities will rip them apart.

As for unlimited stamina, knowing when to save stamina goes a long way, as is knowing where to get it back easily. Again on aviary those narrow tunnels, fire a lava bomb or fissure into it, either the hunters kill them selves trying to get through, or they take the long way. If they wait or take the long way you will regenerate your stamina for low risk, and even better if they launch the dome, because then they can’t use it at all. You just sit. filing the tunnel with lava, as they sit at the other side and watch it all burn


I normally just roll down-hill on the map if i am able to, so i can get the most distance away, i take damage perk, for its godly on behemoth.

Also, starting out with 3 points in rock wall ( when it decides to work ) keeps the hunters off you for ages.


S1: lb, rw, and tongue. Take movement speed. Sneak to a corner near spawn and wait for the hunters to run off. Go the opposite way.

If hunters dome you, get in a corner of the dome and rockwall yourself in after a tongue grab. Make them pay.

Stage 2 is the same as 1: roll across the map to corners. If they are close, let them dome you in an enclosed space.

If they have Maggie, just roll right off the bat.


Does sneaking into a bush work with Behemoth?


if you find a big enough bush


Just use LoL Bush Logic, always works.


I dont thunk theres a bush big enough for him to hide in XD


Actually, it usually does. Hide in the corner of rocks, below or beside the sight of hunters, so that they run straight ahead.


I take damage and rarely evolve to stage 2 because I get disturbed by the monster win screen.

What you need to learn is what I call in my guide “pacify the dome”, but what I can tell you for now there are 2 options for you:

  1. Get domed in a favorable position, fight slightly and after the dome you make sure your full traversal bar is used in a straight line, then you simply turn a corner and press evolve without fear.

  2. You opt for the stage 2 dome that means you ascertain their position roll straight away, prepare 2-4 meat around a corner and evolve. Now you will be domed as stage 2.

There are of course movement techniques to get the trapper into unfavorable positions so he throws the dome to die seconds later. Stage 1 means low chance of victory -> meaning killing all 4 hunters <- it doesn’t mean you have no way of incapping the trapper swiftly.


Behemoth’s sweet spots are in caves. I would rather not get domed or even fight anywhere else if I can help it. If I fight in a cave, not only do I generally survive, but I generally get enough strikes to either win or kill enough of them to evolve to stage 3 unmolested. Heck, one time I even managed to down their Caira AND their Torvald-and then kill them!- after getting domed RIGHT after evolving because the first panicked and went into a dead end, the torvald came to punish me for focusing her… Well, the hole he entered from became a dead end too. Suffice it to say, I did not take much damage and the trapper support fled. That being said… every time I take tongue grab, I loose.