Behemoth Gameplay after patch 2.1


I am satisfied with patch :v: :sunglasses: :v:


Behemoth is pretty nice. Too bad allot of the Behemoth players still complain he’s weak.


New behemoth is completely cool


Nice no carrion bird at the start. They always give me away. :frowning:


Yeah…that includes me sadly…( im also boycotting wraith )


No worries. Behemoth is fine right now, he’s just hard to learn. You’ll get there eventually.

Plus he’s still got his bugs, so I don’t mind too much if people are angry about him. But after all of the OP threads, it gets old quick. :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright then good thing i wasnt attacked for my opinion. Nice to see one who can except it


Behemoth is sorta sexy



Okay, so now it’s Kraken, Behemoth, Wraith, and Goliath that are sexy. Will any monster not be sexy?


Fucking lucky without carrion birds