Behemoth full health glitch or cheat?


I was playing like usual against behemoth players, but something very strange happened. We go against this guy at stage one, and he is not fretting just roll, hitting, roll, hitting, and he makes it away with a sliver of health. I am just about on him when he evolves and poof, his health goes from one shot to full health. He unfortunately ended up winning, is this a cheat or is there some bug that just allows people to go from less than one bar to full health again?


This is a known bug I believe. I think it was captured on live stream of behemoth just before its official launch.


when they evolve when all their health is gone it comes back full


Thats kinda stupid, defeats the point of almost killing him early.


That’s not true. They gain more health, but their health does not go up to full.


its a known bug


I think what happens here is if their health is brought to zero just as the game is calculating the increase in health, it goes up to full. Hopefully they almost have it tacked down.


Yes, it does.

it happened to me before with a Wraith (i had a Hank so it was no big problem.)


If that is the issue then it ‘should’ be a quick fix. Its not calculating the health correctly and the formula should be simple addition without interference.

HealthPoolTotal = 100 (stage 1)
HealthPoolRemaining = 10
Stage2Add = 25
Stage3Add = 25

Evolving to Stage 2 should add 25pnts to HealthPoolTotal and HealthPoolRemaining. Any calculations to health beyond that is useless coding.

Hold V, timer starts and if V is held long enough the timer ends and evolution can’t be stopped. Damage is nullified for a half second to prevent health loss and ensure simple math is finished without additional variables of added dmg. Then damage nullification is removed and everything proceeds as before.

Unfortunately with programming being what it is with projects this large, nothing is ever solved so simply :frowning: Not because it doesn’t look good on paper, but because the slightest change could break something else >.< Its probably due to a ‘nemesis plot’ (mmo reference)

EDIT: Alternative would be to change method null damage to damage absorption and after the 1sec, the dmg absorbed is added on a lump sum afterward that way no effort to kill the monster is lost if they find him right when he’s evolving.


It is a bit more complex because an evolving monster is not the same entity as the actual monster. That is why e.g. dust tags disappear if you are evolving and stuff like that.


Ahh - well that seems odd waste. Possible that the new entity is probably given its own health pool and that is being added to the monster’s health in some way.

It doesn’t seem efficient to change entity altogether though since a new entity would potential have its own set of statistics. It should just change model/skin and the change would initiate triggers - which is not the same as a new entity altogether.


It isn’t about efficiency. It is about swapping size, texture, values etc all at once


Random glitches can be linked to ‘system handling too much at once’ if its something jumbled in memory, but this isn’t the straw the broke the camel’s back. Its something that can be done consistently and duplicated by the average joe/jane, so values are being mishandled at a consistent rate due to programming error.

If its a ‘doing it all at once causes it to happen randomly’ -instead of- ‘you can get the health to this point, and under this condition it will happen every time’ then they need to tweak the timers slightly due to their system having limitations in processing.

Everything is about efficiency in programming.


That’s probably the reason why it is done this way. Instead of keeping the same entity and increasing size, volume, skill points, max health, max armor, and everything that changes when evolving for the sake of keeping dynamic values such as current health and current armor, they choose to get a brand new entity with the appropriate characteristics and transfer some variables over.

Of course without more data, this is only a guess but I could see the reasoning behind creating a new entity.


True I could see the value in that. In appearance, things are easier when dealing with something fresh, but transferring stats can be a headache if not simplified. It makes me wonder if they are having issues with some areas using a point system and another part of the formula using a percentage.