Behemoth freezing game


Having a lot of trouble playing as behemoth and games freezing more and more often, I know its been reported but just wanted to make sure its prevalent because it has been occurring more and more often on ps4 anyway.


They are looking at it…


Yeah, it happens a lot, Ive been trying to play today, and it freezes pregame in the lobby while I’m choosing characters at 1:14 a lot for some reason and midgame. At least 5 times and when I back out it counts as a loss so 5 extra losses and only played 4 games where I joined midgame. I’m gonna just play bf4 till this is patched, spending a $100 on this game with the insane DLC model and now having it unplayable is pushing me to the limit.


Ditto I feel super ripped off now. I have spent close to $150 with DLC and skins… Now it barely works and even if it works it still doesn’t work properly haha


I hate how its right when I’m about to kill someone lol freeze you loose dam…