Behemoth Freezes when using abilities

Ok so I have to go to classes, but Hopefully I have a higher quality video processing right now that I can post once I’m back, but thanks again for helping you guys hope we can get this ball ROLLING :sunglasses:

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Just to be sure, you’ve shut down the game and patched it since yesterday, right? :smiley:

Sure did, behemoth had those extra 5 stacks and everything so it is the new patch

Hm… We still have an open bug about monsters getting stuck in the pounce attack animation. That’s what the video kind of reminds me of, maybe that is the issue you got… The video kind of skips right at the moment, so I’m not 100% sure… >< This issue is exceptionally rare, though, I think we’ve only had 2 reports of it in 3 months…

Are you 3/3 getting Behemoth stuck since yesterday’s update?
We’re going to be working on this again today. If anyone else is still seeing this, please speak up!

I can say for certain I did not pounce and yes 3/3 every game, but I’m willing to be a bug tester and play some games to see how Often I get it, I’ll get back to you with what I have and try to pay close attention to all button commmands.

Just out of curiosity, and I’m sure it would help the devs as well, would you mind posting your system specs (more specifically your DxDiag file) here?

Instructions on how to do this can be found here: (also interesting to try some troubleshooting stuff out as well)


I noticed that, after throwing a lava bomb as you fell down, the laval bomb itself was also bugged out as the droplet is still in front of you and never expanded.

Can you therefore check if you freeze everytime whenever you use a lava bomb? Or is it really all abilities?

Lava bomb seems to be a big case with the bugs, if it hits the ground but never explodes then Behemoth freezes, but it has happened with other Abilities before

Here is my DxDiag File here

Everything should be above recormendations

what’s your GPU? Make sure to check on your DxDiag that you updated it to the latest official driver.

I am pretty sure it’s up to date but I could be wrong not sure

We figured out the problem. Thank you for the report and the video. :slight_smile:

Oh cool! Awesome and thank you for being so helpful and quick mates :grinning:
Do I get to know what the source of the problem was, or at the least a sticker for tester? :sunglasses:

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This happens when the Behemoth player has really high latency issues right when they shoot out Lava Bomb. It’s a bit timing specific. If you want to keep playing him, I’d recommend not using Lava Bomb and it shouldn’t occur. o.o’ …But if it does, please tell us again !! :confounded: That video was super helpful in figuring it out :smiley:

Also… hands you a sticker :star:

Welp time to max wall and tongue grab thank you for the help, and the sticker! :heart::behemoth::tada:

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I predicted this 18days ago OMG OMG OMG

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just happened to me, first time, ping around 80, shooting a lava bomb while dropping from a ledge, boom stuck, and lava bomb never blew up
it never happened to me cus my ping is always around 20, and I’ve never played behemoth with a high ping lucky me

I got this bug, so here is the video of the entire match
I at 6:52 the “stuck trying to evolve” bug happen, I threw all my abilities, and try to evolve, and it got fix
Then after starting a fight at 9:48 I threw fire bomb, and i got stuck in place while the skill was stuck as well in the background
And my ping wasnt as bad

Then it took a really long time to kill me while i wasnt moving at all, make me wonder the strenght of behemoth as a tank.

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I can assure you the glitch where Behemoth gets stuck after Lava Bomb happened to me exactly like this.

Yep, this problem is still not fixed, honestly I’ve just taken a break from evolve until it was fixed. Maybe Ice behemoth will be playable instead.