Behemoth Freezes when using abilities

Hello I’m making this post out of frustration. I never played Evolve stage 1 because of frustration and this bug is killing the game for me and will make me stop playing it for good. It’s a shame because I really enjoy playing my baby Behemoth, I love him and he is the only monster I enjoy playing, however on around a 60% chance that during the game I will freeze in place in the middle of my abilities, and I do not notice many posts bringing light to this so I will.

It happens with any ability, I’ve froze mid lava bomb, tongue grab, wall, you name it anything. I will freeze in place and no amount of button mashing with fix it, strangely sniffing still works, so that’s cool. I think all in all it has happened to me 12 times, the only time I have ever lost as Behemoth and It’s frustrating as games are decided if I bug out or if the hunters all and headless chickens who die in one hit. Usually it happens in the dome, but as of right now it happens while simply fighting a sloth at stage 3 right before I was about to win, so it must be whenever an ability is used. Please this bug needs to be fixed.

My win rate with Behemoth, each lose is to be blamed on the freeze bug, I swear to god Ice Behemoth better fix this, or maybe he’ll just never stop moving and that’s the adaptation.

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You’ve played less than 20 games with Behemoth. Maybe it’s not a bug/glitch but the normal behaivor of Behemoth, that you haven’t encountered yet? Some video input would be nice, so there’s a chance to reproduce the bug, since I wouldn’t be able to do it from your report

Sure I’ll try to record it, but until then like I said It’s literally a random thing that happens whenever you use an ability. For Tongue Grab Fissure and Wall you freeze mid animation of it before the ability “activates”, leaving them in the Arm raised/tongue out animation. Lava bomb freezes are the only one that finish the animation but once Behemoth returns to normal he stay in place and no button inputs can affect him, the lava bomb will have the particle affect of it traveling, even though it is just stuck on the ground as well.

Wait, how could you get frustrated wth legacy when you didn’t play it? I am confuse

And welcome to TRS forums! :smiley:
I hope you will have a great time with us but first let me show you how the forums work and the rules in it ^^

Back to our topic.
First of all i’m going to recategorize this thread to the bugs section so that the devs can help you and find this thread way easier :slight_smile:
About your problem i’m really confused. Did you have high latency while playing and getting this freeze instances?
@ArPharazon @m3teeh summoning you since i’m sure you can help us here :slight_smile:

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I was in the beta for evolve when it first came out, I was hyped but it was frustrating and hard so I baby faced and didn’t like it. I gave it another chance at stage 2 and I really enjoy it

We actually put in a fix for Behemoth freeze bug yesterday… :confused:
You encountered the issue after the patch yesterday?

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Thanks for the quick help friend! Now then, my ping said it was low around 50, but sometimes if I do freeze I do notice the game laggy at some points, however I may love bob but I do play other monsters too, and even under times where I am way laggier never do my controls freeze on me. This seems to be a Behemoth only thing but I’m not quite sure

Played 3 times today trying to get footage for examples, happened all three games without fail :cry:

I experienced these freeze instances also in legacy. I think it is only bob related since his cast animations are longer than any other monster. Imo i think those freezes are due to lagg spikes, not a bug or bob himself :slight_smile:

:sob::sob: Have you gotten this problem before? The fix we put in went through a lot of testing, but maybe our setup is uniquely different from yours and made it worse for you… somehow… :sob:
Can you post a video please? Maybe we’ll see something we missed in testing.

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Thanks for coming in :slight_smile:

Video is uploading now
Oh and no worries, you know the saying 99 bugs on the wall 99 bugs, patch one and 108 bugs on the waaaaalll~


That’'s… actually one of my wallpapers… xD

I got that freeze bug the last time I played as Bob. It was on Wraith trap. I Initiated with a Fissure then followed up with a roll. Nothing came out of fissure’s animation and the next thing I know Bob broke out of his roll animation and froze.

From an aspiring programmer to a real one I’m just happy to help :sunglasses:
Anything to get my Behem-bi good and going

Heres a bad quality of the Bug sorry but its the best I could do on such short notice

for what it matters the dome drops at 2:44

When I bugged I used fissure and lava bomb, I don’t think dropping from the cliff had anything to do with it as it hasn’t happened before.

Oddly enough in that video he is able to turn at least, doesn’t happen to me

Ok so I have to go to classes, but Hopefully I have a higher quality video processing right now that I can post once I’m back, but thanks again for helping you guys hope we can get this ball ROLLING :sunglasses:

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Just to be sure, you’ve shut down the game and patched it since yesterday, right? :smiley: