Behemoth freeze, but gameplay continues for Hunters


This bug is just, wow.
there i am, wrecking the other team as a behemoth and all of the sudden game freezes when i tongue grab, i thought “Oh, its this bug again…” but nope the game suddenly unfroze except for me… stuck in this stupid fucking animation getting hammered by the team with no way of defending myself…


This has happened to all my friends who play Behemoth at least once…:confused:


What platform are you playing on?


I don’t pick fissure anymore precisely because of this reason.


This sounds like something different from the game freeze using fissure. Perhaps introduced with the latest micro patch?


i play behemoth pretty much exclusively and i can confirm that behemoth will freeze for up to 1 minute and 30 seconds during: Evolution,lava bomb animation,fissure animation, heavy attack animation, and start game feeding animation.

Edit: during this time you cannot alt tab, cntrl alt delete, Alt Enter or Alt F4 your just stuck there waiting looking at a picture until you come back to all of your health missing and hunters playing jump rope on your dead body.


Wait… The hunters still attacked the monster even when it was bugged out?. Bet those guys are proud of themselves


The OP is talking about where the behemoth freezes during an animation. It happened on a stream with MaddCow last week I think - I could be wrong on the timing, or even the stream, but I saw it darn it! It wouldn’t correct itself so the hunters just killed the monster.

The behemoth is stuck in an animation cycle type thing. In the case of the stream, he froze mid lava ball, but it looked cool from observer mode at least.


Is this occurring on PC only?


The stream where the issue occurred that I was witness to was on PC, and judging the Pics from the original post, he is on PC as well. So from only current posts, it appears the stuck animation bug is PC only, but there is no real telling unless someone else pops in from a console saying they’ve had it done to them.


This has been around since Bob released. :confused:


Lol i seen this live on b1ngez stream. That game was yours and everyone knew it. B1ngez just bust out laughing and followed you around because the animation looked funny.

At one point towards the end it looked like you could move again but it was too late, the dmg had been done.


This JUST happened to me as Bob on PS4… Really made me mad. But it was tongue grab, I didn’t even have fissure. It only froze for like 20 seconds, but after about 3 they all unfroze and just hammered me. It really turned the game sour.