Behemoth Freeze Bug


Can anyone help identify what may be causing this bug on my PC? This happens once every handful of games. It’s happened in Hunt and Arena. Towards the beginning of a match, my screen freezes for about a minute. This only affecting me and not the hunters, so I’m assuming it’s a problem with my PC. By the time my screen unfreezes I’m almost dead. Video link below. Fast forward to the 3:40 mark.

Game Freeze

Another Bob game freeze a couple hours later

This second video is on Aviary, playing hunt as Bob. This time the game locks up right at the start. When it finally starts up again, the hunters nearly have me dead and my start up animation hasn’t even finished yet : / And of course the hunters will take advantage of that : P I’m not so sure this is a problem with my PC anymore simply because of the glitch with the start up animation not finishing until I was almost dead.


Can you upload the video to YouTube?


I kinda wanted to just upload it straight to here if I could, but if I need to do it through youtube, I can do it that way. Never done that either though : P I’ll post back when it’s ready.


I don’t believe the forum can handle large video files. YouTube is definitely the way to go! :slight_smile:


Just post it as “unlisted” if you can so only ppl with the link will see it. I do that for most bugs uploaded to YT because I don’t want ppl to look up Evolve and only see a giant list of “bug” vids.


How does one post it as unlisted? Is it in the advanced settings?


Nevermind. Got it : P


Video’s uploaded.


Do you have a link?


Awesome, that should help the devs see the issue.


In the original post.


I’ve also seen the same thing happen solo against bot monsters. Behemoth most prevalent, but I have also seen it against Kraken and the Goliath minions.


Any additional information you can provide would help. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what else I can think of that’s not in the video. I’m uploading another video where it just happened again. Worse this time though. It happened during the start up animation at the beginning of a match on Aviary. Screen froze again. But this time, when it started back up, I was just about dead, but my start up animation that shows the monster feeding at the beginning of a match was still in progress. I was dead before it finished. This makes me think this isn’t a my PC issue anymore. Still using Bob with the red skin. I’ll post this new video in the OP when it’s finished. Downloading a video editor at the moment so I can cut the video down to size for faster upload.


With Behemoth it usually happens after a lick or lava ball and then he will just stand there for 10 seconds or so. It also seems to happen almost once a match against him. Then with the minions it seems to happen most often if they jump and land right beside a wall and you can fix them by damaging them a bit.
Originally I was just going to chalk it up to the AI trying to recalculate pathing.


Should I post the next video in the OP as well, or make as separate post?


In the OP is fine. That way it’s all in one place.


Roger. Next one is up.


Have you used the Issue Reporter?

You can link to your YT video and in the description send the Devs to this thread for the information you’ve already shared about the bug. It’s a good way to make sure that the issue you’ve found is seen by the appropriate people and logged, so it’s not lost in the Bug section of the forums :slightly_smiling:


I’ll use that going forward. Thanks.