Behemoth For President!


This brand new team will be taking the stage for the first time in the upcoming Quickshot Qualifying weekend on Xbox One.
Our ranks are comprised of…
Derpy Teammates
Phoenix Yarbles
Legendary Brony
And last but not least…
The one…
The only…
Fish Head 07
We want to thank you in advance for watching the Tournament and for your support.


Aye, you got Fishy? He’s an AMAZING Behe. I’ve fought him a few times. You guys will do great.


Make Monsters Great Again!

We’ll build a Rock Wall!



Me and the guys laughed for 10 minutes straight making jokes like that. It was either this or No-mad bro?


A small loan of a million walls of rock.

Politically and Fantasy correct according to trump!


I would like to point out that I was first to nominate brohemoth for president a couple weeks back in a sleepy rant about all things brohemoth. That being said I will definitely try to watch



Added the team page.


Thats actually pretty funny


As a Behemoth enthusiast, I support this claim


We will Build a wall! And we will make the illegal hunter immigrants pay!


Who’s gonna pay for it?


The mammoth birds


I’m laughing alot harder than i should be XD


Down with mammoth bird


Should behemoth be elected as tournament winner, he will eat the mammoth bird population!


Are you gonna play from China??


After he eat’s the entire population we can finally say we completed the Thanks giving poison frog skin challenge!


Too bad we have it already



Behemoth For President is seeded 4th for the Quickshot tournament next Sunday. We lost one game to the number 2 seed. And the other 2 went to tie breakers. For both of which, we unleashed fish head’s Behemoth on them. He won both with stage 1 wins.

Behemoth For President!!