Behemoth flies when he goes off a ledge and gets harpooned at the same time


So I don’t know if the devs have heard of this, but there’s this bug that literally destroys Behemoth (especially going against maggie). It happens every time when Behemoth roles off the side of the cliff, and so naturally harpoons will fly at him immediately. This causes him to fly straight ahead and when he hits an object in front of him, he goes down VERY slowly. Giving hunters so much time, he gets wrecked. I mean me, haha. This started happening after a few updates ago, and I think it may have actually made things worse.


Well that was weird… for some reason when I went to respond to this thread my tablet crashed…

Anyway yeah this is a known bug or at least the outcome is well known. I thought they fixed this issue or maybe they did but with the last patch it opened up another bug within his rolls.


This is a bug report, yes? I’ll move it to the appropriate section really quick so it gets the proper attention.

And tagging @ArPharazon because he’s the only tag I can think of right now. It’s pretty late.


Bob wants to fly.
Griffin hates Bob.
Bob can’t fly.
Bob is sad.


Yeah, think someone fixed this a long time ago. Must have been recently unfixed. Thanks for the repro steps, that should be helpful.


I experience the flying Bob bug often. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with being harpooned for me. I will roll off a cliff without any hunters around and will still just keep rolling strait, unable to turn at the same height of the cliff I was on.


I made a new bug report for it and added a link to this discussion.