Behemoth Fissure not spawning and not killing mines


There have been many times while playing behemoth that i use fissure and i does the whole wind up but when behemoth hits the ground there is no fissure.

There have also been times where i use my fissure to clear Markov Mines but the mine stays even though the fissure was lvl 3 and i clearly hit the mine. i tested it in custom after seeing this and i happened almost every time i tried to destroy the mines.


Please fix


This is a bug where Markov dies and you can’t kill his mines. They are working on it :slight_smile:


What cow said about the mines, as for the nonspawning fissure, are you close to a structure? (Building, pillar, wall, etc…) because I’ve noticed his arms will pass through the wall, pillar, blah, and spawn under it, making it seem like it never spawned


Oh… I haven’t been able to EVER destroy a mine with fissure… :cry:


but markov was alive watching me try to destroy them


its normally in a cave. normally


Is it ok if I said that fissure doesn’t kill birds?


Yep, lot of geometry for it to fall under