Behemoth first impressions


So I (of course) have been playing behemoth and if you pardon my french he is shite. Now before everyone points and says “Maybe you’re just bad at the game” I would like to say I am most certainly not sir or madam. So I’m gonna split this up into sections starting with:

What I like about Behemoth
Even though I said he’s shite he has still easily become my faviroute monster (who doesn’t like being a massive rocky demon of death?) I find him the most enjoyable monster to play of the 4 hands down. I was also pleased to see the Behemoth was adaptible depending on the game mode and is actually a viable option for nest and rescue (thank god).

What I don’t like about Behemoth
Now I explain why I called the big fella shite: He is the weakest monster in the game. He requires a small, closed place, with a ceiling to fight (though not 100% neccasary it is damn hard to fight otherwise) or he’ll just be dogded with ease until he dies. Now here’s what I really wanted to talk about: though he has the most health and armour out of the 4 monsters he quite easily dies the quickest (I see this while playing both hunter and Behemoth).

What needs to be done
Let’s put it simply Behemoth is underpowered, whenever I see the monster go Behemoth I always sigh in relief. He needs to either have a natuaral damage resistance or more health. Also the rock walls are buggy as hell and only tend to work on flat ground with no obstacles, hunters or wildlife.

He needs a few minor tweaks. I know TRS were just making sure the Behemoth couldn’t be called pay to win but come on you’re over compansating a bit much. However he is extremely fun to play and was worth the wait for sure.


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