Behemoth fireball rolling


In Evolve the new monster


has some bugs with it. One and only one I would like to point out is something I like to call trollrolling. A link to a video showing this off Behemoth troll rolling —> I highly doubt this is intentional and I would like people to see this! Just thought I would throw this out there.


This bug is known and will be fixed soon.

In the micropatch that was supposed to come this weekend (but didn’t, as far as I can tell) the damage will be nerfed and in the next big patch the mechanics will be updated to stop this from happening completely.


So do they plan to just set a cooldown timer? Because as it is Behemoth can attack out of a roll. They would have to either get rid of that or think of a different solution.


I’m not sure about the details. It was posted somewhere on these forums (but search is quite bad and devs tend to post interesting info halfway insanely long threads).


okay so they as far as i know are not completely removing it just slowing it down IMMENSELY


hm i already knew that rolling gives you the big attack and go back rolling again gives you another but never pressed it that way fast as seen in the video :smiley: - not sure if zero playtest or money rush.


The way their fixing this is by adding a time limit been heavy attacks when rolling. So after its fixed, instead of getting a heavy hit every time like above, you’ll get light attacks after the first heavy attack until a specific time period passes by. In which another heavy attack occurs


Ya its pretty ridiculous watching a behemoth get a heavy melee pretty much every 2 seconds especially if you get trapped in a corner