Behemoth Feedback [After Micro-Patch]


Behemoth has great improvements and I think it’s near the core of its balance now. There’s still a tiny bit of a tongue-grab bug and I find my Fissure is not going through walls properly or hitting hunters at rare times, but all in all it’s actually playable now.

Well I’m winning a lot more and finally somewhat enjoying Behemoth. However I am still finding certain hunter team comps impossible to beat unless it’s the off chance they are a really poorly experienced team or give me the slightest advantage.

Comp #1 - Sunny, Torvald, Crow, Ceira/Val/Slim
Comp #2 - Sunny, Torvald, Maggie, Ceira/Val/Slim
Comp #3 - Sunny, Hyde/Torvald, Crow/Griffin, Ceira/Val/Slim

What do these comps and other general games all have in common? Sunny, Hyde/Torvald, and almost never Lazarus. I suggest the following changes for the next micro-patch after a week has passed. (Would appreciate a staff member’s response on this or a sticky)

#1 - Sunny

Royal pain in the *** now. Before the micro-patch you were lucky to evolve at all as Behemoth or Kraken, sometimes Wraith and Goliath as well. Now with the Behemoth changes, you can evolve but you’re taking a royal beating after a failed fight and minor escape with absolutely no luck of making Stage 3 worth it because you’re below 50% health. Why is this do you reckon? I don’t think it had anything to do with Sunny’s damage in particular. I don’t think it’s anything to do with good teams or bad teams or anything player-related as well. I think it’s all down to this one thing which Turtle-Rock surprisingly, has not attempted a nerf on yet:

Jetpack Boost! - The saviour of all hunter teams who can’t catch a good monster. Sunny/Crow is all you need. You will not escape if these two know what they’re doing. Soon as Gobi finds you, which he always does, Sunny sends Crow at you like the speed of the light and you are domed. After they dance about with you, Crow can further spam a stasis gun fully charged because Behemoth is literally unable to escape this as he’s grounded (no jumping ability at all), and he’s slow without a roll. Stasis also greatly reduces his roll. You may as well just be a rolling wrecking ball, without the wreck. You’re absorbing damage for free. This is NOT the answer to the balance TRS. Please could you consider Sunny’s jetpack boost nerf with one of the following or similar?

  1. Reduce the speed, acceleration, and either the boost range or the boosted player’s jet-jump range when affected by this. But buff her damage by a tiny 5% to compensate?

  2. Make it so that the player must have at least 1 bar’s worth of Jet Fuel for Sunny’s booster to be effective. That way if an experienced trapper wants to lightspeed dome a monster, he has to think carefully about when to use his jetpack and when not to.

  3. Greatly reduce the cooldown on her jetpack boost or the amount given to the player on total. Though I would say this may completely break Sunny or make her useless.


Crow is one of the best and most interesting trappers ive seen and I enjoy him probably most out of the lot now. But there’s one thing which bugs me on the balance, particularly when teamed up with a Sunny in her current state of imbalance. Please consider the following:

Stasis Gun 1) Reduce the flightspeed and velocity of a fully charged stasis round, making it harder to aim as movement of the monster and bullet speed comes into effect, demanding more skill out of the player. However, to compensate for this nerf and to not turn Crow into a completely skill-dependant hunter, Increase the duration effect of a fully charged Stasis Round by a further 5 seconds or something?

Stasis Gun 2) Reduce the duration of a fully charged stasis round, but increase the speed that the round travels by <>% when fired.

Stasis Gun 3) Stasis Round decreases the speed the monster attacks when fired rapidly by <>%. The effect of a fully charged stasis round increases the efficiency of the attack speed reduction, but also reduces the movement of the monster by <>% (Movement speed must be a very small percentage, as to not completely shut a monster down as this can be OP)


I Thought this was behemoth feedback…?


Apparently not? O.o


Crow is fine in my opinion, but Sunny needs a nerf yup.

My idea would be to decrease the speed given to the jetpack boost, making it less bursty but more consistent in its speed, that way we will avoid 3x dash domes but keep the combat utility.


He feels a lot better to play as, I especially love the crushing THUD noise now when he falls off a cliff, but I’ve been fighting against him since patching and he still feels like he is taking 2.0x the damage. If I recall it didn’t say anything about that in the micro-patch, so I’m assuming large changes like that must be in the main patch coming Soon™.

Anyone else feel like he still melts a bit too quickly?


wait so you’re losing to 9 out of the 9 current hunters… I personally think Crow is just fine and Sunny is now equal to the other supports.

It may be you need to adapt your strategy, otherwise monsters would be losing a whole lot more if it was impossible to beat these comps.

Sunny’s shield is easy to counter and her jetpack boost doesn’t help hunters that are knocked back or out of sight.

Crow’s stasis is already easily countered by 3 monsters with traversal or movement abilities and the n Behamouth should be using tongue grab and wall to single out hunters or wall to get away.

I am sure you know how to play but if you are finding over half the hunters impossible to beat then monsters would be losing a lot more so it can’t be just that.


Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that it’s all 9 hunters, I’m saying that I think Sunny needs a tiny bit more touching. She’s the immediate problem. Without Sunny, Crow would not be able to stasis spam and totally prevent a monsters escape, especially Behemoth. They all count on Sunny.


The change to his weak-point should have fixed that. As far as my understanding goes he was taking double damage because his Weak Point’s hit box was to big and was registering on every hit. I could be wrong.


I still think Crow’s stasis has too strong of an effect on Behemoth when spammed. The poor rock can’t escape if the Crow player knows how to aim and spam it effectively. You just don’t get away, especially with a Sunny. I’m simply suggesting a change to his stasis and Sunny’s jetpack boost. Not a gigantic nerf, but perhaps tone down what they currently do slightly? Make them less effective on Behemoth alone perhaps? Realistically this guy is the biggest monster in the game and I don’t think a simple grapple hook or a stasis round should effect him that strongly as it does other monsters given he has no jumping mechanic at all, the monster is 100% bound to the ground with no ability to surf the air like the other 3 monsters: Goliath Jump, Wraith Warp, Kraken Fly.

What do you guys think? Should slow effects be reduced slightly on Behemoth, to compensate for not nerfing Sunny’s boost then?