Behemoth evolution bug


In some games when you try to evolve as Behemoth, it just spams the evolution animation, before you are able to choose your perks. Because of this, you are unable to evolve at all, making the game almost impossible to win. And if you actually get it past the egg animation, you aren’t able to pick any skills. This is really infuriating, especially when doing good in ranked and losing because you can’t move anymore.

You can also get out of the loop by pressing V again, but the next time you evolve, you get the same problem.

Thank you.


Yes I killed behemoth in ranked who had this issue,I had very bad team and would 100% losse,because of this I just headshoted him to death and typed /all easy nab
like good sport-man that i m


i’ve post the same topics, but it’s not just using behemoth

hope this fixed on the next patch


Huh, weird. I haven’t encountered this on any other monster as of yet. But yeah, I hope this indeed does get fixed soon. It’s been around here for a while. (Bug)