Behemoth Elite Badge

I’ve always thought it’s kind of dumb that you can’t change the color of the horns and spikes on the elite behemoth badge, but for aome reason you can change the shadow color. Like waht?
I know that on slim’s tux badge you can change like 4 colors, so why are players that have put lots of work into Bob forced to have orange horns and spikes?
I’m asking for either a 4th option to change spikes, or just leave the shadows black and change the shadow option to a horn option. Thanks :smile:

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Also a “Blank” option for both fore and background would REALLY be appreciated. :D<b

My trademark symbol has always been either a Rose or a Yin Yang and I can’t have either. D: But I digress.

Yes, changing the color of Bob’s spikes would be awesome too. O.o

Yeah that would be cool I mean they already put the black and white scale so whats stopping them :smiley:

I want a grub badge, and you should be able to change the colors