Behemoth dmg rolling bug


I got on today to play behemoth and come to find that his roll is doing like 1/4 the dmg it should. It doesn’t kill 1 meats in 1 hit, and now I get stuck on them for several seconds when trying to keep on rolling. It’s really annoying when I’m going down a small channel and have to roll over the wildlife to keep on going.


Micro Patch launched. It was changed, not a bug.


Yes, the micropatch we had recently toned down the roll damage. Fret not, it also made Brohemoth tanky as hell.


And I wholly support a patch that nerfs alpha strike spam, and also imbues Behemoth with the rocky armor shell that it deserved.


yes!!! am i right!! i was like shooting at it for days and finally killed it >.<


It feels very satisfying now.


depends on the trappers now, cause if the trappers don’t slow behemoth, we are doomed dooooooooooooooooooooomed :scream:


thanks, have a link to that micro patch?



Yeah hes a real tank now.
Finally! :smile:
Nice work!