Behemoth DLC


is it true that monster race and deluxe doesnt include behemoth after launch?


false. both include him. he comes out in 2-3 months.


Behemoth was included in all 3 packages if you preordered. He’ll later be available standalone for $15.


yeah i know if you preordered it, but is he NOW. i have an info thread and i need to remove him if he isnt.


The Behemoth hasn’t been released yet, it’s still in development. So if you preordered any pack that included it, you’ll have it when it’s out.


still doesnt answer the questions. if somebody gets the digital or monster pack NOW. is behemoth still in it?


No. I think he was a pre order only bonus


There is no way to play Behemoth today, or yesterday or this month, no matter what you ordered.

Edit: but the monster package, the 100 dollar one, should include him when he is released if you buy after preorders.


Sorry, I failed to understand what you were aiming at, I don’t think that you managed to explain what your actual question was.


His question is simple.

If you bought Evolve NOW, would you get the Behemoth with the deluxe or monster race? Or would you have to buy him seperately.


Sometimes “pre-order bonus” actually just means you get the bonus with all new copies of the game, so I believe that is what TC trying to figure out.

In the UK the code actually comes inside the box, which usually means it comes with all new copies regardless of whether you pre-ordered or not. But in the US I’ve heard the code comes on the receipt and not in the box, which would suggest it really is pre-order only.

In short, I have no idea.


Yeah, now that he explained it after 3-4 posts we understood what he wanted to know, but you can see that the people trying to help him didn’t understand that from his initial post of:

“is it true that monster race and deluxe doesnt inclue behemoth after launch?”

(original spelling and all)

IMHO if you want people to understand you, you need to make yourself understandable. Taking time to write, expand and clarify is a good start, as is the use of punctuation.


Evolve | Behemoth Revealed Abilities & Gameplay!: check that Shit out I can’t wait til he’s released


No, you cannot play him now, as the DLC isn’t available yet, but if you pre-ordered any version, you’ll get him when it releases. If you din’t preorder, you can buy the DLC seperatly.


Nahh he’s in the back getting ready:


Let me try this. ONE MORE TIME.

if i went on steam and bought the digital deluxe, would i get behemot WHEN IT IS RELEASED and would i get it if i bought monster race pack WHEN BEHEMOTH IS RELEASED.


behemoth 10 char


I understand what you mean.
I’m not sure about the digital deluxe edition, but I can’t imagine the pcmr giving you the fifth monster, but not the fourth one.


No. That ship has sailed it appears. You’ll have to buy him separately.

Just read over the steam packages, Behemoth is no longer listed.


If you didn’t preorder you have to buy the Behemoth DLC seperatly when it is released. Even if it is the Deluxe oder PC Monster Race edition.