Behemoth DLC Works! Click here to see how to get your Free Behemoth!


Hey, monster fans! For those of you that signed up for the Monster Expansion pack but see that 15$ sign next to Behemoth, don’t fret! When you try to purchase the Behemoth IT WILL SAY YOU ALREADY HAVE IT AND YOU MAY INSTALL IT AS YOU PLEASE, FOR FREE.

Thanks, Happy Hunting!!


Thanks for clearing this up! Had me worried for a moment too.

I actually thought this was spam from the title, but I am pleasantly surprised. :stuck_out_tongue:


i think its called pre ordering it


I just noticed this today on Xbox one and had a look to see if anyone else got it free. I didn’t preorder. I did get the hunter pack. But in the main menu store it says £11.99. I was just having a look through the add ons in the game store and happened to click on the behemoth add on and it said install instead of the price