Behemoth DLC for 0,39€ ?!


So ive found several sites offering the DLC Monster for just some cents and i wonder if that is correct ?!
Wouldnt it ruin TRS with that pricing or what is wrong with those keysites?

Any possibilitys DLCs got hacked or what is happening there? I see this from chinese vendors so i wonder if that is true?


Most likely a scam, you will just lose your money if you buy it. The only reliable source of DLC is Steam. I had to learn this the hard way, don’t repeat my mistakes.


indeed. Losing 0.39 euros is a big deal man don’t risk it.


There are many other resellers offering keys for a low price. I will not mention any here, as their sources are often questionable, but you can find out alot about it if you google them in combination with Steam.

In many cases, the keys offered require a Russion IP as well; either for activation only or whenever you’re playing. And even those that are international can come from a “stolen” pack of keys, leaving you with a few legal problems with Steam if it comes out.

Just as an example:


It is if thousands of people all put that much in to the website.


thats just bullshit…^^

and g2a and kinguin are not unknown sides


Reliable, he said, none of those are 100% reliable, steam is.


well i really wonder where those pricings are coming from? wasnt it called to be 15$ or 15€ for a DLC Monster? So how can those vendors get those keys for a lower pricing than 0,35€ and sell them for this price to others?

and ye i know what happend on unknown worlds entertainment - wasnt it something like creditcards has been stolen and keys been bought and sold from it or something like that?

in case of such scenarios i wont ever buy any chinese keys anyways - reasons are clearly given to not trust a chinese in online world :>


Bottom line…only trust reputable sellers. Please don’t list questionable key selling sites here on the forum. Many scams are out there…it’s just not worth it.


You might just want to lock this thread, @SledgePainter. After that initial thread yesterday, I think the community has been pretty understanding about not posting these unscrupulous sites. They do quite a deal of harm because the developers aren’t getting anything from these sites that use code generators to essential steal from 2K/TRS’ pockets. This, in turn, hurts the community because it effects how much future content will be developed if 2K doesn’t deem it profitable anymore. If it sounds too good to be true… Well, you know how that saying ends.


Maybe… just maybe… they preordered Evolve before but only sold key for game and kept the key for Behemot and now they are selling those for low prices… ?

Is that possible? I remember having two keys, one for game, one for pre-order bonus. Seriously, people like to point and call something shady, but those are probably all legit.


The specific site that was linked on yesterday’s thread was known to have invalidated Assassin’s Creed: Unity & Far Cry 4 codes that they sold for cheap because the codes were hacked by code generators. It was one of the sites that are known to be unscrupulous, bilking money from unsuspecting customers. Think about it for a second; why would they sell a code for pennies on the dollar, in this case- $0.42, when it retails for $15? Does that make any sense to anyone? Not only are those codes going to be invalidated by 2K or Steam, but this kind of blatant dishonesty hurts TRS because it doesn’t provide a revenue stream for them to keep producing DLC in the future. In addition, it generates even more unnecessary animosity (undeserving) toward 2K & TRS. Trying to rationalize these “cheap code deals” is a moot point. These jokers are trying to con as many people as they can with outrageous prices before the jig is up. Like I said before, helping to fuel their immorale practices only hurts the Evolve community in the end.

Don’t believe me? Read the article for yourself to draw your own conclusions:


oh my, such strong opinion on the matter.

Prolly should consider calling the FBI and have them investigate this “jig” by these “unscrupulous” individuals that also happens to sponsor about half of twitch streamers + comp players in League and CSGO.


i bought my key on steam and i havnt 2 of them.
So G2A has a bunch of retail versions then? Hm, i consider that something is wrong. G2A is not a trusted seller anyway. When your account got hacked, once u should know… you can not send the g2a key to steamsupport as proof to recover your acc back.


I’m not ashamed that I have honesty and integrity, son. You might want to keep that negativity (sarcasm) to yourself, but you have the anonymity of the Internet to hide behind. It should warm your heart that there are still good, decent people in society.


what negativity? O_O

there is no shame in calling the FBI to report on possible criminal activities.