Behemoth discussion


I love behemoths design and abilities, but i just wanna share my thoughts because people on PC are already convinced that he is trash tier and i think there is very little preventing him from being good. Besides the 2x weakpoint bug about which everyone is freaking out here is what i think could be improved:

  • The rock wall needs to actually spawn. Half the time there are holes in it. From the looks of it even hunters can block it from sprouting, next to trees, rocks, etc… It would be an amazing ability if it actually did what it is supposed to.
  • The roll+heavyattack abuse should have a cooldown or something. Right now some people are figuring out that they can do it as fast as they can mash buttons and it makes for poor gameplay where behemoth doesnt even need to use abilities.
  • Tongue grab is great but i feel like it should have a hitbox similar to wraiths abduction. With that big of a cooldown and it being the only gap closer ability available to behemoth it should have a decent hitbox because if you miss it you can just stand there looking dumb and waiting for hunters to run out of jetpack. Especially now in this Sunny meta.
  • The rolling should not be affected by slows, every other monster has a jump that ignores it except behemoth. A Crow for example can completely lock you down and makes your traversal ability the speed of sneaking. Its beyond frustrating i think the hunters already have an easy job of tracking you without this.


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