Behemoth damage bug


Even turtle rock has addmited behemoth takes to much damage due to bugs. When will thes get fixed because right now the new hunters are owning him


Can you give a source as to where TRS admitted this? I’d love to see it


Played 15 matches, only lost 2 :wink: My first match and another somewhere in the middle.

I will say he takes a very different thought process to be effective against hunters but he is completely viable .


I’ve noticed that when Behemoth is Stage 3 Hunters are far more aggressive and will chance him down compared to the usual “We will just wait for him.” thought process. Got a team killed because they thought they could finish me off in a small condensed cave area… lol nope.


Behemoth does pretty well, for people who can play him well. I didn’t like his kit, so I don’t play him though.


The only problem is the rock wall not going up


As Maggie, the Behemoth tried to wall me, and it didn’t work because it hit a harpoon trap. The entire wall went up, but 1 pillar, due to a trap; or so it seemed.


Yeah, source please. If this is true, why isn’t it more widely known?


i didnt know goliath had rockwall !!! XD


Didn’t see a source posted but I stumbled across this earlier.


Behemoth. ^.-

Not that hard to understand what I meant.


I been joking wit u m8… -_-


Daisy blocks walls as well. Everyone, pile on Daisy :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah ikr but this is probably due to his slowness so they can keep line of sight so they’ll keep shooting you until they can’t see you


Even then they just keep chasing over and over. Makes it easy to fight on my terms though.