Behemoth Damage buff? Why?


His tongue grab, lava bomb, and rock wall do more damage now, for a monster that already did insane damage I can only ask why? Behemoth is crazy OP right now. Some of these changes are uncalled for and this is one of them.


Lol cause he’s UP, that’s why he’s been buffed.

Sounds like someone needs more practice against our fattest and squishiest monster :wink:

Just use elevation, he struggles with that. Easy peasy.


Behemoth is not UP lol


Use elevation? lol, that only does so much. Fissure still gets you, tongue grab can be spammed with cool down now, lava bomb is crazy strong. You must be a pc player correct?


Don’t start with the pc/console thing. Please tell us, how many matches have you done?


Why not, there is clearly a disconnect here. No ps4 players think the game is balanced. I play with a lot of top people on ps4 and no one thinks this game is balanced.


Because he was garbage before.

He relied on roll spam way too much to output damage, or landing a perfect tongue combo.


Well, since us ps4 gold/silver destroyer hunters see it differently from you PC players, there has to be a difference.


Well, Tongue grab is laughable right now. It’s buggy, can be dodged, and does little damage. It’s got spotty utility at best. Needed a buff.

Lava Bomb got a change, not a buff. Immediate damage is higher, but DoT is now halved at S1 and less than that at the other stages.

Rock wall is now a fraction of the size, even when it’s maxed out.

Behemoth needed buffs because the majority of players don’t do well with him.

Telemetry says otherwise. If he was perfectly fine, they would have nerfed just as much as they buffed to keep him on the same level (I mean, they’re not exactly drastic, world-shattering buffs as is).

Overall, these changes didn’t make him too much stronger, but gave him more burst damage instead of complete area control.

I play Silvers on PS4 (when I’m not taking a break). I think he needed the changes.


It’s irrelevant XP I play at 10-15 fps and he’s an easy kill.

I just gave you some basic advice for dealing with him since obviously you don’t use it if you’re saying he’s op :sparkles:


Telemetry doesn’t mean anything.


We know what we are doing, clearly it’s a platform ordeal.


I feel that Bob is in a pretty good place now. With the tweaks from the macropatch, i can now play as behemoth in silver skilled hunt without haveing to go as low as relying on roll spam to do consistent damage against premades.


Then why did Wasteland Maggie get nerfed? Because players complained? Then what the fuck is up with Kraken?

The devs listen to telemetry AS much as they listen to players, probably more.


Also, I am a gold Behemoth with a 30 wlr.

He did not need a buff, at all.


Everyone’s got opinions.


Telemetry? you want to go there, go look at nums telemetry!!! He is a top behemoth on ps4 and now he will be nearly impossible to beat. That telemetry would tell a lot more than people who are just plain out bad at being monsters.


Improve your play then if you want to beat him instead of complain on the forums, you know, improve yourself so that you can beat such amazing players. :sparkles:


Were probably the best team on the ps4, and everyone has problems with behemoth. Apparently pc players who can spam headshots on a monster don’t have a problem… (clapping) Good job, it’s different on a condole. You should get your team and a ps4 and come play num, this would change his mind guaranteed, what do you think @Torvald_Stavig?!!