Behemoth Codes, How Do We Get Them?


How or when do we get codes for Behemoth if we pre orderd ? I was expecting to get an email or something so far I have nothing ?


You should’ve had a code when you first got the game which unlocks behemoth as well as the skins and such. Did you not get that?


I got a code for the “savage goliath” and “exterminator gun skins” is he part of that ? I must note I haven’t been home yet to play the game we he just be there when I turn it on ? Sorry if this post was a waste of time.


What platform are you on and where did you pre-order from?


Yes that is it. If you are on xbox one the first thing you should do is:

  1. Go to my Games and Apps
  2. Press start on evolve and go to manage game
  3. on the right will appear instal all

you do that and you;re golden


Ps4 and amazon,


Yep it should be included in your update then when you get home :slight_smile: enjoy playing! If it’s not there then please keep us updated on the situation!


False alarm I do have him sorry for wasting people’s time , I appreciate the replies though


Mind if I close the thread then? :smile:


Go for it :slight_smile:


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Problem solved, all good!