Behemoth classification question


Would he be classified more as a rolly polly (pill bug), an armadillo or MAYBE even a pangolin! What would yall classify him as?




How do you get crab?


A. One arm is bigger than other
Like Crab
B. Covered in shell
Like Crab
C. Has big meaty claws
Like Crab
D. Is our lord and savior


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I’d say pillbug and crab cause he’s segmented and liek what the other guy said witht he claws and such


Armadillo frog. With the tongue and all.

What a marvelous beast!


Armadillo crustacean that walks like a gorrilla


All these guys are a hodgepodge of creatures, you can’t really classify them as one animal. I’d say frog, crab, and something insectoid, although what I don’t exactly know (btw pretty sure the pill bug’s more official name is a wood weevil, something like that; not that most people would know what that is). A number of insects roll up like that (there’s actually a spider that lives in the desert that will ball up as an escape or movement method because it will roll down the dunes). Those guys are definately the most know however. Anyone got ideas for the rest of them? Kraken is Squid, maybe electric eel, and something else. Goliath is human and some other stuff. Not really sure. Wraith is woman and I guess chameleon, maybe some cat in there (how she walks and her claws, with scythes like the dew claw). Meh, thoughts?


Wraith was based somewhat off of mermaids and sirens,


probably mix of crab, chameleon, and turtle, since he has a cross between mandibles and a jaw and he has an actual tongue, tail, and fingers, like a lizard. also the chameleon because of the attempted camo of his rocky back and long tongue.


I’d say Wraith is pretty arachnid like as well. A pill bug is techincally a crustacean and also forms much neater ball then most things. Also the segmented plates. I’d say Behemoth is also gorilla like just cause of how he walks and stuff like that.


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