Behemoth can't get through some tight spots. Armory


Only way out will be for him to climb up for now.


I was JUST about to post this, too! Biobane was me hehe I was hopping around taking pictures, as well (Yours turned out much better though D:)!

yeah seems AI kinda bugs out and doesn’t climb when it gets stuck in that little pass.

Edit Tagged @MrStrategio so he’s aware :wink:


Shh they might make Behemoth smaller and I don’t want that


They will just make the maps bigger. Like with aviary


Wait what? They changed Aviary?


Or make signs that say “no wide loads”.



they changed props, wider pathways, added more foliage. overall more forgiving for monsters.


What other maps did they change? I Thought Aviary seemed different but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was


People said Fusion Plant and Dam got a few changes but I don’t notice them.


Is there a list/comparison of changes? I knew Aviary changed since foliage & lighting were very obvious, but I’m interested in what props & pathways were changed.


the paths from the landing to the outside areas or less steep and has less things that can get Behemoth stuck. Like poles and stuff.