Behemoth can't destroy mines


i was playing behemoth, solo on defend, i killed all 4 hunters, there were 3 mines in my way i use fissure… nothing the mines still live, i use lava bomb… nothing they are still there, i use rock wall… they are under the rock wall and live.

its a hit and miss i played 10 more matches 3 offline and 7 multiplayer, it happened 2 more times one in solo again and another in multiplayer, havnt tried with other monsters only behemoth


This is a bug where Markov’s mines can’t be destroyed after he dies.


ah didnt know, i went to the topic of all the bugs listed and this one wasnt in there :frowning: why?


Who knows? I’ve seen it reported three or four times.


its funny as soon as you said that another one resurfaced 0_0 coincidence i think not!!! its aliens!!! RUN !!! the ppl must know!!! :scream: