Behemoth Bugs VIDEO Thread (All Platforms)


Hey guys,

I am completely new to this forum, although I have visited it a lot in the last few weeks as a spectator. Hello to everyone!

I just have signed up and started this thread because I could not find any thread where you can post videos that show how broken Behemoth is at the moment. In my opinion videos are the best way to show developers what problems we have to deal with.

I played Behemoth yesterday for a couple of hours on PS4 and I found some serious bugs that forced me to leave the game.

So here we go, Video #1: After a few minutes of gaming I suddenly was not able to move any more as you can see (my internet connection was fine).

The second video shows another bug: I still was able to move around but everyone else was like stuck in an animation. At least it looked pretty funny in a weird way…

This happens to me at least in 3 of 5 Games when I am playing as OR against Behemoth, so he is rather unplayable for me right now. Both videos were recorded on PS4. Please fix it!

P.S.: I am from Germany, so please excuse my poor English.