Behemoth bugged rumors?


I’ve been hearing some whispers that Behemoth is bugged. Can someone validate this claim?


theres a producer that said that there is a bug regarding his survivability supposedly, but i would take that with a grain of salt because thats the only place i’ve heard it from. So theres always the possibility that she was misinformed or something along those lines only way to know for sure is to ask one of the higher up devs and see what they say or to make a custom match and confirm it ourselves


I did notice his armor seems to drop far too fast in a shot test with markov


i’ve seen 4 bars of health disappear in one second with out damage amp or any weak points so I strongly believe somethings up (it was sunny that did that I think)


I haven’t had trouble with Behemoth myself; but, perhaps, it could be related with the new hunters. He loses armor quickly, true, but he’s as big as a building with a critical spot to match: you’re going to lose all the armor/health just because they made it almost impossible for hunters to miss. I feel the balance is that Behemoth will absolutely destroy anything in front of him, lending that if you use your area denial & crowd control abilities correctly (separating one or two hunters) you’re most likely going to kill one or both of them. This is especially true with the wall: throw up a wall & got a lone hunter? They’re dead unless you mess up.


i dont know how the rock wall works tbh.


while it is true that its impossible to miss him i highly doubt 4 bars of health being gone in instant is supposed to happen it probably doesn’t happen all the time but somethings causing him to take more damage then intended from normal unamped attacks, what exactly causes that I have no idea

btw that 4 bars of health i lost was with damage resistance


Right, but the shock from a Mammoth Bird shouldn’t shred nearly a bar or more of armor. I feel like Behemoth is taking increased damage from all sources for no reason.


agreed best way to test it is just get 5 people in game have them unload an entire clip and then end the game and see how much damage they did and then repeat that with goliath kraken whatever


Ok,bug confirmed. I lost two bars of health to a pistol


I actually had a similar experience lost like a bar and a half to a pistol (which does almost nothing to goliath)


Just had a fantastically awful game as BeHe. How the hell did they let this out of test? His critical zone hitbox is as large if not bigger than his normal one.


id say wait until this bug is confirmed or denied before we move on to other topics because hes probably taking more damage then he should on crit areas as well


I reckon he’s being hit in multiple hitboxes simultaneously from just one hit.


I’ll admit, PART of it is we’re all playing fairly bad, but still,i had my back to the downed guyt


well of course :smiley: but even then just looking at how much each weapon does just doesn’t seem right at all


Sure he has a huge weakspot, but it’s off


I think the weak point will be fine once the bug is patched tbh


yeah, all you need to do is turn around


ya thats gonna be pretty sweet