Behemoth Bug


Playing as Behemoth if the following conditions were met the game would freeze but i could still move around although no animations would happen.

Stage 1
Trapped in a dome
Using lvl 2 fissure
A hunter was shooting

Really frustrating and i have decided to reinstall and sacrifice valuable time playing as the new characters to try fix it. It happened every single game i played as Behemoth after the first or second game.
Total freeze i can move the behemoth model around but no movement animation. The shooting hunter would move his legs if moving at the time of freeze and the gun would continue to fire.

Was able to get up menus and quit but not worth it as it will most certainly happen again! Totally game breaking and needs investigation! Hope no one else experiences it!

Edit 4/2: Had it occur again today. Its something about fissure definitely. After using it. I have a video I will upload later!

Game "freeze" mid game

That sounds obnoxious. I hope you’re able to get it fixed. I hope even more that this doesn’t end up being a common issue.


I gotta ask… What system are you playing on?


Oh sorry PC.

Havent had any bugs to date luckily apart from this


Here is the video.
The bug can be seen in the last few minutes, Thought i would just upload the entire video!


Kind of a common glitch, happens when using abilities at times and freezes. Annoying to say the least and hopefully they get this fixed in the next patch that is coming up!!