Behemoth broke OP or UP or neither?


Just curious what the player base and devs feel about Behemoth in his current state. I was #1 Behemoth on the leaderboards for PC during Stage 1. I’ve only lost once now with Behemoth in about 25 games. I know a lot of it is a lot of new players don’t know how to fight Behemoth yet and I’m exploiting that to my advantage haha.

Behemoth’s old wombo combo doesn’t work as well in Stage 2. My Steam friends say Behemoth isn’t any good in his current form.


Behemoth Unbalanced

Behemoth is the weakest monster (but he is my favorite and best)


Behemoth, for me, seems to be a lot more balanced in the scope of the new update. On PC he was weak before F2P hit, but now with his reworked abilities, he’s doing very well IMO.


I’ve been playing big B a lot in this version and I feel he is generally stronger then he was in the last version. That being said though, players that know how to counter them, i.e. the veterans of Evolve, can still beat him… though it’s still a hard fight.


I think he is ok. Against a coordinated team, a little weak, but he’s quite strong otherwise.

Only issue is that his roll feels a little clunky now. And slow.


I’ve only ever seen a FT3 Behemoth pre Stage 2, so I tend to say he is OP. Since Stage 2 covered FT3, I haven’t seen a Behemoth yet.

In terms of overall balance, he is very weak. He requires a specific strategy to win, whereas Goliath can win/lose in any scenario.

Behemoth needs a whole rework.


Behe needs a very “thick” armor in order to survive competitive scenario. Hes like a punching bag, rolling around.


well i would like to have a working traversal before we judge him because right now he cant get away properly


I think against newer players its overpowered because theres so much going on for them, but in general hes somewhat underpowered I think. Underpowered in regards to hes kinda slow and he just eats damage a bit easier than his fellow monsters. I think he is my favorite monster at the moment though.

Razor what’s wrong with his traversal? The couple of games I played I had 0 issues traversing.


He’s about as good as you’d expect. His rolls have a longer wind up time again.

The only map I recommend avoiding playing him on would be WT.


it starts slow, you cant really turn, sometimes it gains speed over time sometimes not, any decent team will rip you apart before you even have the meat to stage up.


IMO he feels about the same on PC as he did before, but you also don’t get stuck in a dome to be shredded like before so overall it’s an improvement. Also new lava bomb is much better.


Isn’t that mostly how it’s supposed to work? I agree most teams can rip you up, but feels like it’s exactly how behemoths traversal should work. I haven’t experienced it not speeding up, but if it’s happening they’re probably working on it. I also have never been caught stage 1 yet. Then again i’m a hunter medic main.


Even though Behemoth’s status is “disabled” I still encounter him for some reason, he and wraith are the only monsters I have a hard time with. He’s AOE is hard to avoid, and I can’t see how can anyone wear down that thick armor and hp. Not saying his OPed, but he’s pretty strong, definately top tier monster.

One tactic I always see bohemoth player use is to foucs on med and use the rock mountain to sheild away his/her teammate, very hard to counter


Founders can still pick him because they know what he was like before and he’s currently an improvement on that experience, but they’re not happy enough with how he feels for new players to unleash him in case people get disappointed.


its just that his traversal really sucks compared to the other monsters and he hasnt really alot going for him besides beeing a huge target. Your immobility infight doesnt really help alot either tounges can be avoided by peeking cliffs or corners well and if that doesnt hit youre done .

I mean if thats how his traversal is supposed to work you need to give him something scary besides looking intimidating.

edit: if i remember right tumble state can be dodged out of now right ? that makes him even worse


Tongue grab is the exception, or should be


Am ithe only one who feels they need to switch Behemoth back to the way he was before the update. He feels to sluggish in & outside of combat now.


They are still working on him. There is a reason why he isn’t available for the F2P people as they are still further adjusting him. So hang tight! :slight_smile:

But if you do play with him, look for caves and etcetera, anything that gives you an advantage. He’s really a beast in Weather Control where I can easily get some downs at stage 1 in the caves (cause they are forced to go where you are :smiley: if they want to do some dmg)


I hear ya its just frustrating that hisa fissure is so narrow now & doesnt hit hunters unless they are on the ground. When i use it, it doesnt hit them when they are jumping above it unless im having a glitch in which case bug report if they catch this. Further more i Know he is a tank but he just feels underpowered for now and a little to sluggish but i will hang in their i love this game and the new wraith.