Behemoth being teased way before they annonced evolve dlc

When all of us start evolve up we see the a monster leaving a foot print but if you look closely you’ll see he lava lines when behemoth is curld up in a ball traversal form so I wonder did they mean to do this for teasing behemoth and will they do it again if they update the game with the new monster(5th)

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It’s Goliath with full armor. You can even see his tail after he walks past the screen.

^ Goliath’s back, red armor, and a stage 3(?) spike.

^ His leg leaving the print. You can easily assume it’s a Behemoth leg with the coloration and blur, but I’m pretty sure it’s Goliath’s back leg (his calf is pretty straight, and then his leg curves into the thigh).

^ Goliath’s foot and his spiky tail ball.

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oh thanks always wondering


Well you’re kinda right. Behemoth was revealed a month before the release of the game.

And although the Monster in the cutscene is Goliath, the footprint is not his.

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