Behemoth b.s


I throw up a rock wall and either it’s spit down the dead center or it didn’t spawn at all. Fix that


It has 2 dozens rules before it gets perfect.

Don’t hit hunters with it, dont use it close to any elevations, don’t use it too close to yourself and so on.


I shouldn’t have limitations on it. If I press the button that means rock wall I should see a rock wall. Not nothing at all


a few times i have had the rock wall spawn in the air way above the map specifically on salveron map


We’ve had some weird Rock Walls in our group; One memorable one had one pillar far taller than the others for some weird reason. Thing is, it looked like it was giving us the finger as Behemoth rolled off after setting it up.

It was amusing :stuck_out_tongue:


Everything has limitations.


I feel like “everything, except T4 hunters” :wink:


Torvalds mortars flight time, arc.
Gobi straight line only.
Stasis gun flight time.
Slim need to be in danger to heal properly.
Sunny OP.
Mininuke flight time, arc.
Shield bot charge up, dumb AI.

So on and so forth. #manhandledbystranger


The mininuke is pretty much just caira’s grenades but do more damage. Super easy to land and very little drop. Hardly consider it limited.

Gobi can be spammed so the straight line thing is alright.

Stasis gun doesn’t matter if you land a charge shot and before that slow runs out you have another charge shot


Hardly a limitation for you and me. But for others. And still a limitation.


Yeah, hopefully it will become more reliable with future patches. However, this is the best anyone could do - now they’ll try to pinpoint what people want the wall to do and put in the limitations and fixes to it.

Just gotta wait now… the changes needed are surely being observed just as you read this. Just give it enough time and the real feedback will come in.


he means like blocking the power relay room and all of that


But they aren’t easy to hit when the monster is properly mobile


The same could be said about most projectiles so its realy not an issue. Parnells missile launcher is the same way but it doesn’t have massive aoe


But sunny’s and some of the new hunters projectiles are slower than most other hunter weapons


Sunnys grenade launcher isn’t that much slower than Cairas grenade launcher.

Either way it doesn’t matter because eventually the monster has to come to you in the end negating any limitations to these weapons


the monster doesn’t necessarily need to come to u, not when they have long range attacks. Again, some hunters will be better against some monsters more than others. I feel it’s tio soon to make a significant judgement.


The only monster this really applies to is Kraken. The long range attacks the other ones do have are easily noticed and dodged.


the other monsters attacks aren’t necessarily easy to dodge, depending in how far the distance is. Like I mention before, I think it’s too soon to make a significant judgement. Lets play her some more for a few more days or so, and see what happens


Sunny, rocky will shield her even if she is cloaked. lol