Behemoth autoattacks can't outpace the medic


Now before you get all up in arms, hear me out. I VERY rarely am one to think that a particular person is balanced one way or the other. I’m also not one to complain, and I am a mostly hunter player in the first place (although I do enjoy an occasional Goliath game from time to time). However, I have recently been trying to get behemoth to work and it just doesn’t. It’s bad. It’s not balanced.

I believe the problem is that his autoattacks can’t properly outpace the damage that a medic heals at lvl 1 or lvl 2 (which is when any decent team should have found you anyways since he is so easy to track). You can’t actually target someone and choose to take that person down because the medic will just heal them up.


Try using rock wall to break LOS with the medic


See the problem with that is that half the time i throw up my rock wall the middle section is missing for some reason. Probably just a glitch with rock wall that they’ll fix eventually but atm it’s pretty useless.


Yeah, right now glitches with the Rock Wall make Behemoth really…eh.


Try targeting the medic?


If you’re playing the new monster, expect bugs. :smile:


Really? Behemoth hits like a friggin truck!


That’s odd, because behemoth has the most powerful melee attacks of all monsters. I find he’s the only monster capable of downs at stage 1 consistently.


I seriously do not think any medic can out heal a heavy attack + fissure into a rock wall or lava bomb. Seriously, it has the highest basic attack damage in the game and has tonnes of ways to knock the hunters around and trap them away from medics. I find myself easily downing people with Behemoth regardless of stage. If anything, behemoth might have the highest stage 1 damage output besides from 3 rock throw goliaths.

But maybe I have not being versing good medics.


Oh yeah. His base output is technically the highest.

Honestly though, I feel like his insane battlefield control can be severely crippled by a singular good dash that breaks the combo halfway trough, leaving him vulnerable.


Devs should check rock wall again, it’s ruining my strategies by always leaving one spot in the middle open


To be honest, I have noticed that most people just get blasted away by my abilities and don’t pay much attention to them… Either way a tongue grab into fissure is enough, not even rock wall is needed.

But I feel Behemoth’s ability to at least knock hunters towards you with rock wall and tongue grab are huge supplements to this problem.

It also does not take long to down a hunter when they are close to Behemoth, even when they start boosting away they can be finished off with fissure and lava bomb.


I don’t know why everyone says how weak the behemoth is. I suck as monster, and I win games as behemoth just as often as the other monsters, and I actually have better a chance than when I’m playing as one of the others.
The only problems I have are:

  • His rock walls often have holes in them, which kind of negates the whole purpose of the ability (bug)
  • His abilities keep him immobile for too long, which is a huge problem vs enemies like Hank or Torvald. (balance issue)
  • His tongue grab can grab corpses instead of alive targets, and sometimes just outright fails to grab people, even when it obviously hits (1 balance?, 1 bug).
  • His lava bomb AOE is tiny, and the damage is too low for it to be a huge threat, even at level 3. I’d be okay with it’s current damage if the AOE was larger, or I’d be fine with the small AOE if it dealt more damage, but at the moment it’s kinda undertuned. (balance)

The biggest, biggest problem is the buggy rock wall. It’s so infuriating doing the tongue grab - rock wall - stealth pounce combo, only to find that there’s a massive gaping hole in your rock wall that means you can just get shot off in less than a second.
I know his bonus health is meant to counteract his lower mobility, but the ability lag can sometimes be crippling, and can lose you 4-5 blocks of armour just by using one fissure if Hank orbitals. Maybe I’m just a scrub.


There’s a difference between damage and dps. His damage may be decently high but the rate at which he attacks makes up for it in a very negative way. I find myself getting downs with all 3 of the other monsters but never with behemoth.


Your assessment is pretty much correct. I don’t have much of a problem with Lava Bomb personally, I find it softens them up and guards bodies fine, but Rock Door & Tongue Slap are very serious issues. He has to remain immobile and trade so much health to get his attacks off that those attacks need to work consistently. I’ve seen Tongue Grabs pass right through/near/around Hunters that would have been easily grabbed by an Abduction, doing no damage, and it doesn’t pull a lot of things at all, including DAISY! Rock Wall has gotten even more sensitive to every little dust particle in its path - it really, really, really badly needs to clip through most things; we’re talking about giant, jagged chunks of mountainous earth, I think that beats a trapjaw or a tyrant even, let alone a destructible tree or shrubbery.

The other issue is that when he is rolling most wildlife needs to be pushed out of his way (not armadons, crowbills or other large creatures, but everything else), and small wildlife like obsidian grubs, glaciopods, reavers & spotters should simply take massive roll damage so they are killed right away and he can roll over them. There’s a lot of things in the environment, including very small wildlife, that blocks his path and forces him to change direction entirely while rolling, which is especially bad when he’s trying to escape the Hunters. I think some of the changes they implemented to get rid of the roll stunlock and roll cancel-melee exploits resulted in a bit of an overnerf to his traversal and possibly his melee.