Behemoth Attack Cancelling


Not sure if this has been noticed yet by the devs but I’ve been played behemoth quite a bit since the micropatch and I noticed that Lava Bomb can cancel out your other attack if cast quickly after the previous. So it will prevent fissure from going off or the pull back from tongue grab. Has anyone else noticed this?


Nope, because I don’t play him. :smile:


I have noticed this with fissure, and I’m actually curious if this is what has been glitching out my tongue grabs, i will look more into this in the next couple hours and see if i can narrow it down a bit more, or if that’s exactly what it is.

And by glitching tongue grab, i mean that it hit and started to pull them and then they were able to jet pack, which last i knew is not supposed to happen.


No that happens anyway.


The whole jetpacking out of a tongue grab happens very often. People say it only occurs at long distance grabs, but I’m not so sure… Either way I don’t advise putting more than 1 point into it since the other abilities are much more effective anyways.


I think this might be a trick/exploit on the hunter side at this point because I had never had anyone do this to me until tonight, a crow kept just jetpacking right after I grabbed him. It would do the “pull in” animation and he’d start flying to me then almost immediately he’d jetpack back away. He wasn’t even getting close to me.

Again, this has NEVER happened, even before Behemoth was buffed. I love 2 points in tongue grab for the extra range, hope this doesn’t happen again.

And OP: I’ve noticed fissure can cancel out on a lot of objects, never noticed it with attacks though. Like sending it over buildings or something is glitchy.


First time it’s happened to you? I do this to Behemoths all the time lol


Yea, which is why I almost think there might be some kind of trick to it?

I’ve never had anyone able to escape after getting hit before. Very frustrating.


The AI can do it too, so…


Looks to me like there’s a split second delay from the yankback animation to when the hunter actually starts coming towards you, and if they jet boost during this delay then it cancels out the pull back.

I could be wrong but this is how it seems to me, as I’ve only ever seen hunters escape it by boosting just after the yankback. ive never had anyone escape once they’ve actually started flying towards me from the pull.


I didn’t get the patch yet so… That sounds like fun :smiling_imp: