Behemoth at Salveron Industries



so i wanted to try out the new shiny monster in defend. I played on Salveron Industries and apparently if you take the left path from the spawn the map isnt high enough to let you through sometimes. I got through the 1st time but tham i couldnt get back / it didn’t let me climb back in generator direction either. In the end i was standing in front of the hunters not able to go back, not able to hit the generator or hunters, just sitting were i was and let time run out.

Maybe im just to stupid to play and handle the new Monster, so anyone else got that bug?


That is a very bad problem. I really only use Behemoth in Defend anyway so I would like a fix on this.


behemoth need to stop going to mcdonald


They need to reset deaths and losses for this stuff. Why make a huge monster and no stuck watching code to ensure fair play?